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On this date: August 2016



August 1
George Vanier
PA-002777 LAC -Public Domain
1 AUGUST 1959
Georges P. Vanier, Canada’s first French-speaking governor general, is appointed.

August 2
J.A. McCurdy flying the silver dart.
Courtesy of Larry Milberry
2 AUGUST 1909
The Silver Dart makes its first passenger flight, in an army evaluation at Camp Petawawa.

Taliban Ambush

3 AUGUST 2006
Four soldiers of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry are killed in a Taliban ambush.: Corporal Christopher Reid, Corporal Bryce Keller, Sergeant Vaughn Ingram, Private Kevin Dallaire.

4 AUGUST 1910
The first ship is commissioned for the Canadian navy.

5-6 AUGUST 1944

HMC Ships Haida and Iroquois and three British ships sink five and damage three German ships in the Bay of Biscay.

August 5_6
Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right).
Charles Levy
6 AUGUST 1945
The atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

August 7
View from “Centre Way” trench on the plateau north of Pozières looking east towards the first trench of the German second position, known as “Old German 1” or “OG1”, which runs along the horizon. On the horizon above the “Centre Way” trench is the ruins of the Pozières windmill on the Albert-Bapaume road, marking the highest point on the ridge.
British Common Photographer
7 AUGUST 1916
The Battle of Pozières Ridge ends.

8 AUGUST 1944
SS defenders are ousted from Verrières Ridge.

August 9
Monument to the “Buffalo Nine” in Calgary.
Michael DoroshTalk
9 AUGUST 1974
Nine Canadians die when a CF Buffalo aircraft is shot down by Syrian missiles.

10 AUGUST 1840
Canada’s first manned flight—in a hot air balloon in Saint John, N.B.

August 11

11 AUGUST 1954
HMCS Venture is commissioned in Esquimalt, B.C., for cadet training.

August 12 New
(Left) Robert Spall [ Portrait of Thomas Dinesen in the uniform of the Black Watch, in which he served during World War I. [Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces
12 AUGUST 1918
Thomas Dinesen and Robert Spall earn Victoria Crosses near Parvillers, France.

13 AUGUST 1973
Acquisition of eight Boeing CH-47C Chinook helicopters is announced.

August 14
Peter Rindlisbacker
14 AUGUST 1814
The schooner Nancy is scuttled to prevent capture by U.S. ships.

August 15
HMCS CAYUGA Canadian destroyer underway off Korea, on 3 March 1954.
Official US Navy photograph, public domain
15 AUGUST 1950
HMCS Cayuga is the first Canadian ship to fire on the enemy ashore in the Korean War.

August 16
Royal Canadian Air Force Badge
Canadian Crown Copyright, Fair Use
16 AUGUST 2011
Air Command, dubbed in 1975, reverts to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

August 17
Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King, President Franklin D Roosevelt, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in conversation during the Quebec conference on 18 August 1943.
Public Domain/WikiCommons
17 AUGUST 1943
Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King hosts conference with U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to discuss the invasion of France.

August 18
Tents hastily erected to accommodate thousands of troops during the First World War.
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Public Domain
18 AUGUST 1914
Thousands of men begin arriving at Valcartier near Quebec City.

August 19
A convoy travels through Falaise, France, Aug. 17, 1944.
19 AUGUST 1944
The Falaise Pocket is closed.

August 20
Recruiting signs for the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
Memorial University archives
20 AUGUST 1915
The Newfoundland Regiment leaves for the Mediterranean.

August 21
HMCS Alberni circa 1943-1944
Canadian Navy Heritage website
21-22 AUGUST 1944
HMCS Alberni is destroyed by a U-boat.

22 AUGUST 1914
The War Measures Act receives royal assent.

August 22
Jacques Cartier. Portrait by Théophile Hamel
Library and Archives Canada, Public Domain
23 AUGUST 1541
Jacques Cartier arrives at Cap Rouge.

August 24
The White House ruins after the conflagration of August 24, 1814. displayed at the White House.
Watercolour by George Munger, Public Domain
24 AUGUST 1814
British troops march into Washington, D.C., and burn public buildings.

25 AUGUST 1914
Canadian pilots are offered to the British government.

26 AUGUST 1940
No. 1 Fighter Squadron encounters German bombers over southern England.

27 AUGUST 1939
The subterranean Cabinet War Rooms begin operation in London.

28 AUGUST 1942
HMCS Oakville sinks U-94.

29 AUGUST 1907
The south arm of the Quebec Bridge near Quebec City collapses during construction.

August 30
Mud-spattered and exhausted Canadian soldiers return from their trenches on the Somme, November 1916.
30-31 AUGUST 1916
The Canadian Corps begins relieving allied troops on the Somme.

31 AUGUST 1907
It’s hoped colonial disputes in Afghanistan, Tibet and Persia will be settled by the Anglo-American Entente.



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