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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Take the quiz and Win a Trivia Challenge prize pack!

The RCL Member Benefits Package

To see how you can benefit from savings please see below. For information on how to become a Member Benefits Partner, please call 613-591-0116.

Our Partners

Rogers discount for Legion members

Legion members like you are looking for simple, affordable and reliable cell phone service designed with their needs in mind.

Look no further! As an endorsed Legion partner, Rogers is committed to providing affordable cell phone plans, smartphones, and tablets all on Canada’s largest 5G network.

Brought to you by Red Wireless – your exclusive Rogers dealer, our dedicated team of experts is here to help you select the right device and plan for your needs such as:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk & text starting from $20/mo.
  • Affordable data plans to use your device on-the-go
  • Canada + U.S. plan for Snowbirds or if you often travel to the U.S.
  • Seamless international travel in 185+ countries with Roam like Home, at a low daily rate. No need to switch devices, SIM cards or get a temporary phone number.

Need a new phone? Choose from Apple iPhone, Samsung and other brands and discover new affordable ways to get your device. Already have a phone you love? No problem, bring your own and enjoy our plans without commitment.

With a fast and reliable 5G network, plans with unlimited calling, texting, and Infinite data with no data overages, as well as features like Spam Call Detect to notify you when you are receiving a spam call, you will never have to worry about your cell phone service.

This program is brought to you by Red Wireless – your exclusive Rogers dealer.

Sign up worry-free with no activation fee and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Call a dedicated Red Wireless expert at 1-888-251-5488 or visit us at

*Offer valid for new Roger’s customers only

*Some conditions apply, call or visit the website for details.

Teslica E-bikes, a Canadian company based in Ottawa since 2018, is dedicated to providing people health, happiness, and freedom through a wide range of electric bikes.

At Teslica E-bikes, we are committed to our customer’s well-being and satisfaction. Our electric bikes are designed for different riding styles and needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. With adjustable pedal assistance and powerful motors, our e-bikes empower riders to effortlessly conquer urban commutes, explore scenic trails, and embrace a more active lifestyle.

We are proud to be the exclusive E-bikes partner of the Royal Canadian Legion, offering the members exclusive discounts and the freedom of exploring the outdoors and nature.

As a Royal Canadian Legion member, you and your family members get:

  • 10% OFF all Teslica E-bikes.

  • Free shipping across Canada.

When there is a sale, Legion members get the 10% off in addition to the Teslica discount.

We have a showroom and a service center in Ottawa, ON. To ensure you get the maintenance and the services you need, we have partnered with professional e-bike repair centers in different parts of Canada that will soon be available nationwide.

Visit to view our E-bikes and use the discount code TESLICARCL10 at the checkout.

Should you need any information, parts, or services, you can contact us at or call +1 613-627-4285.


ULTRAMATIC: Mattresses | Adjustable Beds | Lift Chairs | Mobility Aids

Ultramatic is Canada’s leader for living-in-place home furnishings.  We help older adults live longer, healthier and happier – wherever they call home.

Our roots shoot from our iconic Adjustable Beds and Mattresses.   With over 200,000 adjustable beds sold since our beginning, Ultramatic has been improving the sleep of Canadians for decades.

A good night’s sleep can impact your physical and mental wellness: improving your health, mood, memory, and energy.  Our customers have discovered that Ultramatic sleep systems not only let you sleep better, but also allow you to live a fuller life.

We strive to have the highest quality in all our product categories, developing and sourcing as much as possible from the rich talent we have in Canada.  Below are some of our unique and exclusive technologies:

The Pillow-Tilt™:      A specialized mechanism built into our best adjustable bases and lift chairs, that provides superior support for your neck, shoulders and spine

Lumbar-Booster™:    Available in adjustable bases and our lift chairs, this proprietary technology increases support for your lower-back while sleeping or while sitting up

Matrix NanoGel™:    A trailblazing pure gel mattress comfort layer for a truly temperature-neutral, pressure-relieving sleep

SilverGuard™:          Available on select mattress models, this safe, antimicrobial protective layer fights germs and viruses to keep you healthy and breathing with ease

As a member of The Royal Canadian Legion, you and the members of your household are eligible to receive exclusive benefits towards the cost of mattresses, adjustable bases and lift chairs.  Mention that you’re a Legion member and receive:

  • 25% OFF All Sleep Accessories (like Pillows and Sheets)
  • $100 OFF Any Lift Chair, Mattress, or Adjustable Base Bundle

For over 40 years, Ultramatic has built an unrivalled depth of trust, helping Canadians improve their sleep and wellness.  

Contact us any day of the week to get expert advice from our highly trained staff. 


Improve your Wellness. Elevate Your Life.

 Upper Canada Wills & Estates is honoured to partner with the Royal Canadian Legion to provide members with a 50% discount on standard fees for the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney

In a recent study published in the Toronto Star it was found that more than half of all Canadian adults did not have a Last Will & Testament or Powers of Attorney. 

The operating premise of our national business is that Canadians should have the Peace of Mind in planning their end of life decisions by using the expert advice of lawyers.  

It is important that you have Peace of Mind knowing that your Last Will And Testament properly provides the bequests to your family in accordance with your wishes. It is important that you have Peace of Mind in knowing that with properly drawn Powers of Attorney, decisions to be made for your healthcare and financial needs will be by someone you trust and can depend upon.

Lawyers will take you through the process for your estate documentation every step of the way. You will have person to person discussions on how you would like to leave your personal and real property to your family. 

The Directors of Upper Canada WILLS are Legion members too. Our fathers were World War II veterans. As a partner in providing benefits to its members, we will give a royalty to the Royal Canadian Legion for every Last Will & Testament prepared. It is a privilege to contribute to an organization that means so much to us personally.

To take advantage of this exclusive discount, please go to or call 647-370-3777

Offices Across Canada

BST Vacations (Blowes & Stewart Travel Group) is a family owned and operated, full-service travel agency that has been in business since 1949. Our 80 member team is a power house of knowledge and expertise, and is here to assist you with your travel plans, wherever you may want to go. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, and creating extraordinary travel experiences for our clients. We are a TICO Registered agency with full trust accounting.

We are proud to be a part of The Royal Canadian Legion Member Benefits Program

As a Royal Canadian Legion member, you will enjoy exclusive pricing, upgrades and special amenities on a wide selection of vacation packages, cruises and tours. You will be able to take advantage of exciting promotions negotiated just for Legion Members, exclusive perks and extras from BST Vacations preferred suppliers, and access to custom group departures specific to Legion Members.*

*A donation will be made to the Legion for any bookings on our custom Legion groups.

BST Vacations is a designated Virtuoso agency – the travel industry’s leading luxury network. Virtuoso advisors specialize in creating unique experiences you can’t find online or plan yourself. Their connections to properties and itineraries around the world are unparalleled. Because of our association with Virtuoso, Legion Members will enjoy VIP recognition at fine hotels with room upgrades and meal inclusions, perks on cruises and tours, as well as privileged access to prestigious events around the world.

BST Vacations Travel Advisors are there for you before, during and afte your vacation.

Whether you need assistance with planning that long-awaited personal trip by land, air or sea or want to take part in more solemn customized war memorial tours, our team will look after all the details.

We invite you to stop by our offices or contact one of our BST Vacations Dream Makers today!

1-800-561-4275 / /

Say hello to exclusive savings on car and home insurance through belairdirect.

You need great coverage that can keep up with your schedule. Luckily, our official partner, belairdirect, has got you covered. 

We’ve teamed up with them to score special deals on insurance that’s tailored just for you, as a member of the Royal Canadian Legion. belairdirect helps simplify insurance for you, to make your life easier. You also have access to a suite of helpful digital tools that make managing your insurance a breeze!

More than just a policy.

When you get insurance through belairdirect you’re also supporting the Royal Canadian Legion.

Get your quote today and be sure to mention the Legion!

Visit or call:

BC, AB, ON & QC: 1 833 294.2911 | NB, NS, PE & NL: 1 833 460.4142

*belairdirect only offers home insurance in BC.

HomeEquity Bank has joined The Royal Canadian Legion Member Benefits Package (MBP), which means more variety and choice for members and their families.

We hope you take advantage of all the benefits the MBP partners offer. The savings can pay for Legion membership many times over and are one more way to attract new members to the RCL.

Like many Canadians, you may be concerned about carrying debt into your retirement years, or wondering whether your savings will stretch far enough. HomeEquity Bank empowers Canadians 55-plus by offering an option that allows them to finance their retirement on their terms. If you’ve worked hard to build equity in your home, a reverse mortgage can allow you to tap into that equity while still owning your home and living there.

HomeEquity Bank is a federally regulated, schedule 1 Canadian bank. For more than 30 years, it has exclusively served homeowners 55-plus, operating right across the country.

Now, HomeEquity Bank is pleased to announce a partnership with The Royal Canadian Legion. We appreciate and support the goals of the Legion, and this partnership allows us to provide special benefits to Legion members and their families. We’re proud to play a role in improving the lives of Canadians who have served this country.

Did you know that 42 percent of Canadian home- owners are 55-plus? If you’re among them, a reverse mortgage can help you stay in your home as long as you wish. It allows you to access up to 55 percent of the value of your home, tax-free. Use the funds in any way you wish – travel, wipe out debts or renovate your home – without having to pay it back until you move or sell. HomeEquity Bank has already helped enhance the lifestyles of thousands of other Canadians 55-plus, and 99 percent of them have cash left in the home when the loan is repaid and half have just under 50% of the equity still remaining.

If you think a CHIP Reverse Mortgage could be the right option for you, find out more about your $500 Cash Back Rebate* fromHomeEquity Bank. Be sure to mention that you’re a member of The Royal Canadian Legion. Visit or call toll-free 1 (877) 875-2447


Medipac Travel  Insurance provides Legion members with extensive benefits and comprehensive travel insurance protection for trips outside Canada as well as out-of-province travel within Canada. Legion members receive travel insurance for an unlimited number of trips up to 17 days, to age 64, for a premium of $65. Medipac also offers Legion members long term travel insurance at preferential rates.

Medipac is proud to be working together with The Royal Canadian Legion!

Medipac has been protecting members of Canadian groups and associations since 1982. Travel insurance is our only business! MedipacAssist™ is our medical emergency lifeline, providing you with instant access to our medical professionals, day and night, anywhere in the world. The Royal Canadian Legion delegated Medipac with the design of an exclusive member benefit providing travel insurance to Legion members across Canada. The program contains extensive benefits and comprehensive travel insurance protection for an unlimited number of trips of 17 days each, outside Canada. It also provides coverage for an additional 60 days for your out-of-province travel, within Canada.

Medipac is honoured to have been chosen by The Royal Canadian Legion as a Member Benefits Partner. Your support is very important. As your participation grows we will share our success with your branch.

Please enrol today!


Offering you access to special privileges and discounts

As a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, making your funeral and cemetery plans is now a little easier and economical when you choose Arbor Memorial, Canada’s leading family of arrangements providers. We offer Royal Canadian Legion members’ special privileges and discounts:

  • 10% discount for Members (and their immediate family) on funeral and cemetery plans when made in advance*
  • 5% discount for Members on funeral and cemetery plans made at the time of need
  • Free Family Registry Estate Planner™

At Arbor Memorial, we are a trusted member of the Veteran community. Many Arbor Memorial locations have unique options just for veterans and their families. For example, you may want to pay tribute to your years of service through pictures or engraved epitaphs in the memorialization marking your final resting place. Or you may choose to personalize your casket or urn with a symbol, to represent your military experience.

Burial? Cremation? Making these final decisions is one of the heart wrenching choices your loved ones must make. By pre-planning, you can learn about the various ecological, social, and financial benefits of each method and make an informed choice that reflects your values. And your family can be spared these decisions.

For more information on planning funeral and cemetery arrangements, plus a 10% discount offer, call 1-877-301-8066 or visit our website today.

*Excluding crypts, offered at 5% discount when purchased in advance.

Arbor Memorial Inc.

The Royal Canadian Legion has teamed up with the professionals at HearingLife to provide the very best hearing care services to all its Members. HearingLife and its Network Partners have over 300 clinics across the Nation and form the largest network of Hearing Health care providers in Canada.

Why Register?

Because Hearing Health matters! Let us illustrate.

The HearingLife Advantage program provides Legion members and their family with exclusive discounts and offers to improve their hearing health. Visit the HearingLife Advantage website to sign up for your Club Pass card which has details of your Member special benefits as a result of the Legion’s partnership with HearingLife.

To request your Club Pass card, visit

Contact HearingLife toll-free on 888-430-8044

For Quebec on 888-415-6101

IRIS is proud to provide exclusive vision care benefits to members of The Royal Canadian Legion.

As a member of The Royal Canadian Legion, you and the members of your household are eligible for exclusive benefits towards the cost of prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.  We hope you will take advantage of this program and all the benefits IRIS offers, including our No-Matter-What-Guarantee and interest-free financing OAC.

Receive these offers and more when you register:

$150 off prescription eyeglasses (lenses valued at $250 or more)

$150 off prescription sunglasses 

$50 off contact lenses

$50 off non-prescription sunglasses

$50 IRIS Certificate: Redeemable towards the purchase of a pair of fully coated progressive lenses for your current frames (lenses valued at $250 or more)

$25 IRIS Certificate: Redeemable towards the purchase of a pair of fully coated single vision lenses for your current frames (lenses valued at $250 or more)

At IRIS we believe our responsibility is to help our patients make informed decisions about how to maintain and protect their eye health and achieve the best possible vision throughout their lifetime. Our eyecare professionals collect details of your history, activities, lifestyle, personality and your budget to build your IRIS Profile to help us determine your unique vision requirements.

**An annual eye examination with an Optometrist is essential to maintain eye health.

Register for your offers  Access Code: RCLLRC 

Find an IRIS location at  

Book an Eye examination: Book An Eye Exam. 

Learn more at or register now to begin accessing your benefits today. 

Email us at or call 1-800-663-3937 ext. 224

Safe Step Walk-in tubs help those affected by mobility issues, making bathing easier than ever before.

Safe Step is pleased to offer Legion members $2000 off the cost of a walk-in tub with full installation. For every Safe Step walk-in tub sold we will also donate $225 to the Legion. As part of Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.’s initiative to give back, we are proud to partner with The Royal Canadian Legion’s Member Benefits Package and to help our veterans through various programs.

For many people with mobility issues or physical disabilities, what once were considered routine tasks, such as taking and enjoying a bath, can now be perceived as dangerous and challenging. Slippery surfaces, high step-ins and lack of support bars can cause falls in the bathroom that carry serious health consequences.

At Safe Step we understand that to enjoy bathing again, we need to provide the safest walk-in tub in the market that will help our customers remain safe, comfortable and independent. Safe Step walk-in tubs are loaded with safety features such as a low step-in, anti-slip surfaces, safety grab bars and a wider door that make the bathing experience safe again.

Canadian Safe Step tub Co is a Canadian owned business supplying the highest quality American made walk-in tubs with the most certifications and the best warranty in the industry.

Call today, toll-free 1-888-864-8701 or visit

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