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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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On this date: November 2022

Sharif Tarabay

1 November 1918

Sgt. Hugh Cairns earns the Victoria Cross for capturing multiple machine-gun crews near Valenciennes, France. He is mortally wounded in the process.

2 November 1951

One Canadian dies and 13 are wounded in a diversionary raid by the Chinese on Hill 187 in Korea.

4 November 1942

Germany’s Afrika Korps begins its retreat from El Alamein, North Africa.

5 November 1914

Britain and France declare war on the Ottoman Empire.


 6 November 1917

Nine Canadians earn the Victoria Cross in the battle to capture the ruined village of Passchendaele, Belgium (also see “The valour nine” on page TK).

7 November 1956

The first United Nations Emergency Task Force is established to end the Suez Crisis. Canada provides 1,000 personnel.

8 November 1940

The American steamship SS City of Rayville hits a German naval mine and sinks in the Bass Strait off Cape Otway, Australia, the first U.S. vessel lost
during World War II.

9 November 1942

German spy Werner von Janowski is dropped off by U-518 at Chaleur Bay, Que., and is later captured.

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  11 November 1918

The First World War comes to an end; 619,636 Canadian men and women served, 66,655 died and 172,950
were wounded.

13 November 1775

Brig.-Gen. Richard Montgomery’s Patriot army captures Montreal, Que.

14 November 1981

Canadarm performs flawlessly in testing on Space Shuttle Columbia.

15 November 1948

Mackenzie King retires after a total of
21 years as prime minister.

  18 November 1916

The four-month Battle of the Somme ends.

 25 November 1944

HMCS Shawinigan is torpedoed and sunk with all hands in the Cabot Strait.

27 November 2001

Two long-range patrol aircraft are deployed in support of the Naval Task Group in the Persian Gulf.

30 November 1921

The Canadian Air Force ensign is raised for the first time.


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