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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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On this date : April 2023

5 April 1947

The first of seven Sikorsky helicopters, to be used for search and rescue, is received by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

6 April 1917 

The United States declares war on Germany, officially entering the First World War.

8 April 2007

Six Canadian soldiers die after their vehicle hits an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

10 April 1900 

Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) arrive in South Africa under the command
of Sam Steele.

11 April 2007 

M.Cpl. Allan Stewart and Tpr. Patrick James Pentland are killed in Taliban attacks near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

12 April 1946 

Harold Alexander is sworn in as Canada’s 17th governor general.

13 April 1942 

The Royal Canadian Air Force 417 “City of Windsor” Squadron is transferred to Egypt to join the fighting in the Middle East.

14 April 1974 

The Canadian government dispatches a brigade headquarters to Cyprus. By the end of the month, there are 1,150 Canadian peacekeepers on duty.

15 April 1953 

HMCS Crusader establishes a record, destroying three trains on the Korean coast. It ends the war with four.

16 April 1945

The Canadian Army takes Groningen, Netherlands, after a four-day battle.

17 April 1892 

Alexander Mackenzie, Canada’s second prime minister, dies at age 70.  

19 April 1978 

Canadian forces arrive as part of the United Nations Interim Force
in Lebanon.

22 April 1885 

North-West Mounted Police Inspector Francis Dickens reaches Battleford during the North-West Resistance.

23 April 1943 

Britain asks Canada to help in the Battle of the Mediterranean.

24 April 1992 

The United Nations establishes the peacekeeping mission to Somalia.

26 April 2015 

The Candian military’s Disaster Assistance Response Team deploys to Nepal after an earthquake.

30 April 1945 

Adolph Hitler dies by suicide.


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