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Letters From Bill – Oct. 11, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Going to have another little try at it and hope I have a little news. Received your letter written Oct. 1st and the parcel mailed Sept. 6th. That is pretty fast, eh?  As soon as the nurses saw it they came in and looked it all over, they eat as much of the parcels as I do. They thank you very much, but Sister Aiken was disappointed because there weren’t any Scotch cake.  They all went after the box of chocolates, but I had that before them. The parcel is swell Mum and thanks a million, guess I didn’t lose my taste for Grape Jelly either.

Johnnie was down to see me last Saturday evening and it was good to see him again.  He had a boil on his wrist which was the reason he couldn’t come down the week before. They wouldn’t give him a pass. The reason he did not receive the cigs is probably because he has been all over the south of England since D-Day. I think he has moved seven times since the invasion, so he may get them yet. I was sure glad to hear you had a letter from his folks. If they are as nice as Johnny, then they are tops.

Just a week today since I last wrote to you I think, the day I had the operation.  It came off OK and now I have a big tube in my back again, the opening had closed up considerably so this one hurts at all times just a little but that is natural I guess. Of course I had to stay in bed for a few days but wasn’t feeling like doing much tearing around for a few days. I am quite alright though so don’t start worrying about that. Have my stroll every day and am really getting around now. Still can’t smoke, but I think the Doc is just saying no because he doesn’t want me to start again. There are other chest cases in other wards and they are smoking, but not me. However, I don’t crave it now….

There is no further word whether I go or don’t but I can wish, can’t I? Yes Mum, my hair has grown back except for a bit at the front. Sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your anniversary Mum, it was very thoughtless of me. Anyway, I send them now and hope you have many more to enjoy….

There would be no need writing to the CO about my things Mum, he was killed before I was wounded. There are hardly any of the original fellows left so it just can’t be helped.

Give my best regards to everyone.

Hope to see you soon.

Lots of Love to Everyone,



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