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Letters From Bill – Nov. 21, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad, Bette and Jack:

…How are you feeling now Mum? I haven’t had any mail lately, but am hoping for the best. Bette said in her last letter you went to the hospital and you were feeling better. I sure hope you are well on the way to recovery now, and take good care of yourself. You better not forget my instructions Mum. It worries me when I don’t get mail, but there is nothing I can do. However, no news is good news. You take life easy Mum and get a maid and don’t forget to use my check.

All your parcels arrived O.K. and they were swell. Every night we have some toast and cheese and is it ever good. I caught a cold on leave and the Vicks, etc. came in real handy.  Thanks a million for the parcels. I also got one from the Red Cross so will have to write a note of thanks. There were socks, candy, cigs, writing paper, soap and hankies. Grampa F’s cigs arrived and Dad’s chocolates. I am doing O.K. and thanks a million for them all.

Starting tomorrow I am to take a ten-day clerking course and I hope I get something out of it. Time will tell and if I can’t do the work it will just be my fault.

There is a rumour that we are going to Scotland for training and I guess it is right. The Colonel left for there to pick the spot so it looks bad. I think we go the last of the month but I will do my best to let you know. It will be the coldest spot in Scotland and the training is tough, but I may not have to do so much of it. My address will be the same so keep the letters, cigs and parcels coming. It may be seven weeks but I will write whenever I can. Will let you know when I get definite news….

I saw a very interesting sight last night. It was bright and about nine o’clock and there was a swell dogfight started just above our camp. Talk about nice to watch. They roared around and our fellow finally shot him down. It was just a ball of fire and when he hit he was only a bang. It was real close and broke the windows in some huts.

Whoever said that this country was not cold is crazy. Every morning there is frost just like a fall of snow and the ground is frozen hard. It is not the same as home, but it is awfully damp. However, by noon the place is just a mess of mud but by evening it is cold again. We are allowed to have a fire now and it sure feels good. Right now I have to figure out a way to get a sixpence to mail this because I am broke since coming back off leave.

By the way Mum, send me a bulb for my flashlight in the next box. It is a “Mazda” 3.6 V. Barkers used to carry them and I imagine they still do. I can get batteries fairly well but their bulbs won’t fit. Remember the one I want doesn’t screw in. They will know it at the store what I want, I hope.

The news has been pretty good lately and we think it won’t be so long until it is all over. Boy I sure hope not. I met a swell Air Force fellow on leave and we chummed together.  He comes from Saskatchewan and is really a good guy. Since neither of us visit the pubs we got along swell and had tons of fun. I can’t get any of these airmail forms, but he can get all he wants and is going to send some along to me….

Is Sid going to open the rink this year? I was skating once just outside of Edinburgh but it is not like home. The ice was fair, but the skates I had were poor. However, it was fun while it lasted and really good to get on skates again. If there is skating this year, do lots of it Jack, and practice hockey….

I hope you are all better now Mum, and please do take it easy. Don’t forget to help her all you can Jack. The very best Christmas ever to you all and I will be back with you for the next one. Write often and don’t forget the cigs. The best of everything to you all and lots of luck,

Lots of Love to All,


Have a happy birthday Dad and watch the nose.


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