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Letters From Bill – Wednesday, Jan. 19, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Bette and Commando Jack:

Here I am again folks with the first weekly edition of the Cameron Herald….The General was out to see us yesterday and they had us spick and span for his inspection….They gave us open order mark twice and the General goes up and down the ranks in a jeep. The fellows were mad enough to shoot after all the spick and span shining we did. He just came and went and that was all we saw of them. He told the officers that in another two months we would be in action so I guess we were right in our guesses. That means about March sometime.

In the afternoon I went to a hockey game between the Essex Scots and Black Watch and we won 4-0. I sure enjoyed getting out of camp. it was the first time I was out…since my last leave, except for the training. The game was in Brighton…a nice little town. It is a summer resort in peacetime and it really looks interesting. The [English] Channel is right next to the street in places and it really gives you a thrill to look at the Channel. The ice was not too bad for over here but nothing like that at home. I believe this leave I will go for a skate if I can find a rink. Boy, I sure miss my skating.

Did you know we are all getting a medal if we are overseas for 60 days? The fellows are sure mad about it because we don’t want to look like the Americans with a medal for everything we do. Every fellow over here will be wearing one of those things and it sure lowers the value of a medal. We don’t want to wear it but we have to because it is an issue.

We got a typhus shot in the arm today and it sure doesn’t make the arm feel so hot.  Next Thursday we get a double shot and a week later double that again so I can see where we are going to be a sick bunch….  They say that is for fellows who go to the Near East, but we get it too, but I do not think we will go there….

This is a regular English night, raining cats and dogs and I mean raining. I wish you could see the mud that is here, right to the top of our boots and we can’t get shoe polish.  Which reminds me will you send me lots of it in some of the boxes, it is impossible to get. I thought Barriefield was muddy, but believe me it hasn’t a thing on this place. I would give a lot to get about a week’s fine weather but I believe we would all pass out if it happened.…

The best in the world to the best folks a fellow ever had. All the best.

Lots of Love to All,

Pte. Bill


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