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Letters From Bill – Sept. 19, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Another swell day folks with three letters from you…Guess I missed all the fun back there.  Three weddings since I left that I sure wanted to attend, but it is too late now. The old love bug sure went to town on the people of Hopewell, there won’t be a darn soul left when I get there.

Things are much the same over here with me. I am getting better…but it seems so darn slow.  That is natural I guess for a fellow as sick as I was. Yesterday, was fine and  was outside for a very short walk with the able assistance of one of the fellows. It wasn’t very far but it was sure good to get outside. Pretty soon I will be running around again. There is no more news of me going home. Guess I won’t make it. They will probably put me in some place over here as permanent staff for the duration. One thing I won’t be going to the front again, so don’t worry about that, so far as the actual fighting is concerned, “I’ve had it.” It is sixty days today since I ran into this packet, time sure goes but what a big difference in two months.  Just the same keep hoping I make it for Christmas folks, there is a chance I will.

Received three boxes this last week, all in good shape. One mailed May 1st I think and the other two in July. Everything was fine in them and the staff of this ward want to thank you for the lovely food. One Sister went nuts over the scotch cake, she ate it all herself. Thanks for sending them folks. Little Sister MacDonald is away on leave to Ireland so she won’t be back to this ward. She was sure a lot of fun. Today my pay book arrived back but what a mess. I don’t know where it was but it finally arrived here. The bullet that went through me just caught the corner of my pay book and tore it a little.  The blood went all over so it is quite a mess.  However, I was glad to get it and it makes a good souvenir. They sent me my wallet and pay book separate so I might get the watch and pen and pencil yet but I don’t imagine it is probable.  These things can be used by someone else. It wouldn’t do much good to get the serial number of the watch Mum because they would ignore it at the Regt. anyway. As much as I would like to get it back it looks hopeless. Wish I could do something about it. That watch meant a lot to you Mother I know. Johnny will be back this Friday. Guess this is all for now, but will try to do better with the writing. Please write as often as possible. All the best to the best folks a fellow ever had.

Love to All, Bill


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