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Letters From Bill – Oct. 17, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

Today was really swell with four grand letters…Sure I wrote and asked Alison for my effects Mum, you don’t think I am that slow do you? Alison is engaged Mum but not to this kid but some other Canadian boy. I never had such a good laugh for a long time, it was really funny. Alison’s girlfriend Muriel, who Johnny went with while we were there on leave, wrote and told him about the engagement. Evidently she and Alison figured I was madly in love with Miss Hardie and they decided not to tell me while I was sick since the shock might cause a relapse. Well when Johnnie got this in Muriel’s letter he immediately told me when he came down, we really had a swell laugh. Anyway I immediately wrote to Alison congratulating her before she could tell me so was away ahead of her. I gather from her letter it was a bit of a surprise to her that I wasn’t heartbroken instead I really had a swell laugh….

There is no more word about me going to the front again or home. You know what I am hoping. Just keep praying folks, perhaps I might make it. I am still on active service Mum and will be until I am discharged but am not engaged in fighting. If I wasn’t active I would be a zombie and I can’t be one of those and be here too. Personally, I think I did my share and have just pulled through the most dangerous wound that can be suffered on the battlefield. That is what the MOs (Medical Officers) here claim. One thing I am sure glad I don’t have to pay for the X-rays and the penicillin. That would be just about impossible….

I have so darn many letters to answer I don’t know where to begin. Everybody is writing to me. Will you please pass my very best regards on to everyone I know and I hope I am lucky enough to see you all soon…. Will write as often as possible from now on. All the best in the world to the swellest folks, sister and brother a fellow ever had.

Lots of Love to All.

Pte. Bill


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