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Letters From Bill – July 14, 1944, Somewhere in France

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando,

This may only be a few lines, but I think you will understand if I cannot fill it all up…. I have no idea what day it is so can’t put it at the head of the letter. You will have to excuse the writing, dirt etc, but I am writing this under extreme difficulties…. By the time I finish this there will be so many darn fingerprints on it that it will look like a criminal file. What I would give for a couple of hours in a bathtub, a shave and a week’s sleep. When I get back I am going to get a hotel with fifty rooms so I can sleep in every one and have lots of room.

I guess it is OK to say we have come up against Jerry and now I know we are too good for him. I wish he would get that through his head and quit but it looks like we will have to go right through. I wonder what the news is these past few days. Sure hope it is good. Giving that we fellows don’t know what is going on only on an immediate front, but guess that can’t be helped. Had a letter from Johnny yesterday and of all things he is stationed right now to where I was. Guess I am not lucky…. Just a year and a half since I put on this uniform Ma and what a year and a half. Of course, I have been fortunate in some ways. I have seen a lot of places, met a lot of swell guys, etc. but just give me the quiet life in Pictou Co. I have seen all the world I want to see—they can keep the rest of it. All I want now is a good job after this is over and I think we have earned it. I wonder what they will have in store for us when we get back. It better be good.  We fellows over here are plenty hot about all those fellows who are at home and eating steaks, etc. It is only right they should be mad. When it is all over those zombies will probably get the cream of the jobs, etc. If that is the way I am afraid they will have another battle on their hands.

How is Sis doing? Still going around in a fog? I sure hope she has a swell time because I know what she has been missing. The eats are not too bad but always the same thing but then that is better than none at all. I think I told you we are battalion champs, won that before we left England.  Right now we haven’t very much time for ball playing, a little bigger game right now…. Aubery and I see each other about once a day, not so often as before but he is quite well. He says wait until I see little old New Glasgow again, I will never stray from home. That goes for me too. Well folks, I guess this is about all. I didn’t think I would have time to finish it. Please don’t worry I am really looking after myself. Keep the letters coming. All the best to the best folks a soldier ever had. Lots of Love to All,



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