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Letters From Bill – June 22, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Commando Jack,

…I wish I could tell you where I was on the 24th of May, but I can’t. If I could tell I think you would find it really interesting but you will know in time. Quite some time ago we were inspected by General Eisenhower but we didn’t say anything at the time. Guess I can say I saw the real big shots in this war: the King, Montgomery and Eisenhower. I really enjoyed his inspection and he had questions to ask a number of the fellows. He stopped and talked to the fellows all along the line and held quite a conversation with the fellow on my right. The photographers took a number of pictures and it is possible that you might see some.

The war news is certainly good and Jerry is sure getting a going over. It won’t be long before they have all the West coast cleaned up. They sure have been putting a pasting on Berlin, too. The Air Force there must be huge now. You have probably read about the pilotless plane or Duddle Bug as they call it. I have seen a few of them. Guess they are not doing the job Hitler said they would.

All day I was working on my bicycle and I really have it in good shape now. It sure is better than walking. The last couple of days have been really swell, nice and warm but today it is rather cool. It seems to be awful cold weather for June. I was very surprised to hear you had a furnace fire on in June. It must be so cold over there.

The fellows are hollering for something to eat, but we finished everything up last night so we have had it! However, I am hoping for more to come, they sure are good especially that food. These people over here will probably all go crazy when they find out they can eat again. I have found a place where I can get a pint of milk every day, if I can get there and believe me I am going to try. I don’t think I have had more than two or three glasses since coming over here. I sure miss that milk. How much do you get a day now Mum? Another thing they don’t seem to be awfully short of is eggs and I have had a few of them.

There is a little rabbit we have here for a pet and he sure is cute. This place is more like a zoo than a camp. We have ducks, rabbits and dogs by the dozens or so it seems. There is one little pup…called Piper and he is really cute. I bet Jack would go for him.

Well folks, I guess this is about all for this time…. Don’t know when the next one will be but just when the chance comes. Please keep the letters and parcels coming as often as they are now and Bill will be happy.…

Be with you all before long.

Lots of Love to All,


P.S. What is this about the grandfolks getting a telegram from the King and Queen? Bill.


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