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Letters From Bill – Saturday, June 24, 1944

… You ought to know better than to think I’ve got any “ideas” as you call them about Alison, that is definitely out. There is a certain nurse I am looking forward to. Alison doesn’t hear very often from me. I used to write about once a week but lately it is just a chance if she gets one once a month….

I think the May checks or rather June check will be for the full amount Mum. They pull the lowest tricks on a fellow in that. When I bought the bond they promise you that as soon as it is paid for the money goes right in the assignment home as before. However, when it was paid for they put the nine bucks in deferred pay which we cannot touch. I was lucky and noticed it in my pay book before they had a chance to get away with anymore. When I asked them why they told me I had to sign a paper sending the money home before it would go. I really got mad and told them a few things. It was really a dirty trick. If we had to sign a paper why didn’t they say so when we bought the bond. You should keep that money right where you can get it Mum just in case you need it urgently sometime. I think it would be just as safe with you as in the bank. When I get back I intend to have a really good time so be sure to have some saved up for me.

Boy it really is swell out right now, just like Sunday afternoons at home. Do I ever wish I were there so I could dress up as I pleased and go where I want. A big glass of lemon coke would go awfully good right now too or a cone of ice cream but I guess that is out for a while. I don’t think the old war is going to last so awfully long from now on. He has just about had it.…

Keep the chins up and pretty soon I will be back. All the best to the best folks a fellow ever had. Write soon,

Lots of Love to All,



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