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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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On this date: November 2016


Canadian Space Agency

1 November 1952
The U.S. tests its first hydrogen bomb.

Members of 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry occupy positions on Hill 355.

2 November 1951
One Canadian dies and 13 are wounded in a diversionary raid by the Chinese on Hill 187 in Korea.

3 November 1687
Fort Chambly repels an Iroquois raid.


4 November 1995
Canada launches its earth-observation satellite, Radarsat-1.


5 November 1966
An engine room fire delays the launch of the hydrofoil HMCS Bras d’Or.

6 November 1940
HMCS Ottawa and HMS Harvester sink Italian sub Faà di Bruno off the Irish coast.


7 November 1900
Two Royal Canadian Dragoons earn Victoria Crosses in a Boer War battle near Liliefontain, South Africa.

8 November 1944
The Battle of the Scheldt ends.

9 November 1910
The dockyard in Esquimalt, B.C. is transferred to Canadian ownership and becomes the home of Pacific Command.

10 November 1916
Canadians attack Regina Trench.

Eric Harris

11 November 1918
WW I ends; nearly 620,000 Canadians served, 66,000 were killed and 175,000 wounded.

12 November 1973
The Canadian Forces Post Office sets up shop in Cairo to serve UN peacekeepers.

13 November 1813
Canadian turncoats skirmish with militia at Nanticoke Creek, about 90 km west of Fort Erie, Ont.

14 November 1947
A commission on Korea is formed; the U.S. nominates Canada for membership.


15 November 1948
After a total of 21 years as prime minister, Mackenzie King retires.


16 November 1941
1,975 Canadian soldiers arrive in Hong Kong.


17 November 1859
The First Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles is authorized, origin of Canada’s oldest militia unit, The Canadian Grenadier Guards.

18 November 1943
Nine of 440 RAF planes and 53 aircrew are lost in the bombing of Berlin.


19 November 1943
U-211 is sunk by Wellington pilot FO Donald McRae of Vancouver and his international crew.

20 November 1945
The first Nuremberg trial begins; 12 Nazis are sentenced to death.

John Stables

21 November 1950
A train collision near Canoe River, B.C., claims a dozen Korea-bound troops, and more die later.

22 November 1951
Defence of Hill 355 costs the Van Doos 63 casualties.

23 November 1944
Overseas service is authorized for 16,000 conscripts.

24 November 1940
The first British Commonwealth Air Training Plan graduates arrive in England.

25 November 1943
British and Canadian troops attack German forces along the Sangro River in Italy.

26 November 1940
The Toronto Scottish Regiment shoots down a German aircraft in Portslade, England—with a machine gun.

27 November 1965
Canadian peacekeepers at an air base in Lahore, Pakistan, receive an early Christmas present—tapes of the Grey Cup playoffs.

28 November 1917
The Newfoundland Regiment is designated “royal” by King George V.


29 November 1899
Canada’s first troops begin service in the Boer War in South Africa.


30 November 1921
The Canadian Air Force ensign is raised for the first time.


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