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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 6, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My Dear Mother,

Here I am again high and dry once more although I got kind of wet this morning. Some rain wasn’t it? Our tent was blown down but fortunately no one was hurt. The recreation tent, barber shop and quite a few others went down. Jim was corporal of the guard last night and today I was in the tent when it went over but got into a latrine and so kept dry. His kit was dry including his camera. After the sun came out he took some pictures of the camp. We were on the parade ground when it blew up and just got dismissed when it broke. We hadn’t even time to get in our tents before it went but everything kept dry

I think it was the worst sky I ever saw. Don’t you write and let me know what it was like down there, will you.

The 203 battalion left for a route march early this morning and came in about dinner time. They certainly were a bedraggled looking bunch but still happy.

Well Mother, my pass didn’t go through so don’t expect me home although possibly I will next week.

We were inoculated Tuesday. My arm hasn’t been very sore although I knew it was there all right. We have to be done three times and next Tuesday we get the next shot but my arm is fine again, quite ready for the next one.

There is very little sickness in the 222nd camp although I think they are about the strongest and healthiest bunch in camp as every time you pass another bunch you see two or three or sometimes a half dozen that have fallen out. I don’t think there has been that many since we came to camp out of our bunch.

I have only had one fatigue and no guard since I came to camp so you can see I am pretty lucky, am I not?

Well they have all the tents up again and everything going merrily once more.




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