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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – July 16, 1916 Camp Hughes, Manitoba

My Dear Mother,

I received your very welcome letter this morning after church and as usual was very glad to hear from you but was very sorry to hear you were not feeling well.

Say Mother, you will have to forgive me for not writing you sooner this week but it has been about the busiest week we have had since we came to camp. What with the night route marches, inspections, inoculations, etc. we have not had much time for anything. My arm is fierce this time, a lot worse than the first time but it is getting all right again. We were done on Friday and all Saturday I felt like the last rose of summer that the cow stepped on.

On the 12th we were up at about 4:30 and left here about 8 o’clock. Arrived at Neepawa about 11:30 and dinner after which we paraded for about two and half hours and it was a damn sight harder than if we were at camp but still it was a change. We got home about 3:30 in the morning and were up at 5:30 again. So you see we went without much sleep.

Say I was sorry to hear Leona isn’t very well but I hope she will soon be better entirely again. I sure would like to of seen her when she was over on the 1st as she certainly is a fine girl.

When are you coming up to camp, Mother? I would like to see you here but the trip would be too much for you in one day. The best way would be for you to come to Brandon and stay overnight. Then come out the next day. I’m sure it is a sight worth seeing, although if you were here for awhile you would tire of it as there isn’t much to see.

I have got two cards from girls with no name on them and I can’t answer them as I don’t know who wrote them.

Well Musie, I guess this is all for this time and will try to answer you sooner next time.

Bye-bye with love,



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