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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Feb.5, 1917 Boissevain, Man.

My dear son Jimmie,

Sunday and one of the worst blizzards we have had for years. And quite cold as well. It commenced storming last night and all day was so bad, Sunday schools were all called off. Tonight the wind has fallen and consequently it is much warmer in the houses but I expect the snow drifts are high. Windows are all frosted over, so if we want to see outside we have to go to the door.

[Although] it is cold and stormy here, we have a comfortable home with lots of coal and food and good beds but I always wonder where you are and how you are. If only this war were over.

I am glad and thankful Freddie is being such a good boy and I am sure you are also, Jimmie, or you would not praise him so much. Have you met Clifford yet? Elliott says he would like to be at the reunion to rejoice. Tell me just how the dear boy looks will you? His last letter was dated Jan. 2. He was just back from the lines where he had his first taste of war. I will be a happy woman when you all come home.

Raymond Glover was to sail on Saturday Feb. 3rd but he was not fit to go back. Looks well and all that but his nerves all gone.

We are well and hope you will get mail regularly before now.

Wee Cliff is as cute as possible, walking all over and talking. We have him taught to salute and tonight Elliott had him show how to light a match on the seat of his pants.

Have not seen Laura since before Christmas but talk to her once in a while. She is well and has a fine school about 16 a day, I believe. Drives herself from Simon Taylor’s.

Take care of yourself dearest Jimmie and look after my baby boy also and if you can do anything for Clifford, I know you will. Tobacco, socks and sweaters will go this week for each of you three.

May the Lord keep my boys in the hourly prayer of your loving,



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