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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – April 3, 1916 Bramshott Military Hospital, England

Dearest Mother,

Your ever welcome letter of March 9th arrived yesterday. I was sure glad to hear from you although I was sorry to hear you did not get my letter informing you I was in the hospital before you heard it from the Taylors.

I am still in the hospital and am writing this as usual in bed. But I am allowed up now in the afternoon for a while although I cannot walk as yet. My right leg is still very sore and somewhat swollen but improving nicely. It will be some time before I am back at work. I have had nearly two months lay off. I was sure glad to see you knew I was not seriously ill for I was afraid you would be worrying a lot about my condition. I have not been very sick but suffered a good deal at times. You can rest assured that I will always let you know when I am sick.

So Jim and Fred got it in the neck, eh, for not shaving? That’s nothing unusual around here but I have always escaped.

So they have picked out the wagon for the wee boy, eh? I hope it is a good one. I don’t mind the price as I have that much and more coming to me now for pay while sick. They won’t let us draw our money while in the hospital. The weather here is lovely now. I was out yesterday for a while on the wheel lounge. The grass and trees are all green here and the sun very warm. The birds wake us up every morning with their singing

The Zepps [Zepplins] were over here for a visit three nights in succession, Friday, Saturday and last night. I believe they did considerable damage.

Love to all the family,

Your loving son,



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