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Letters From Bill – Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando:

…Thanks for those bulbs. I really need them these nights, it sure is black. Jonsey comes in every night about ten and we have our little meal, I think we can make a better meal than these Army cooks or blacksmiths as we call them. Lights out are at ten thirty and all the other huts have to turn out the lights and be in bed by then unless some fellows have a late pass. The orderly officer checks the huts at that time but we are privileged fellows, we don’t have to put the lights out until we want to in the orderly room….

You can tell Dad that Jonsey and I mixed that Baby Soup with a package of noodle soup and it was swell. Jonsey and I pool our boxes and we have some real feeds believe me.  Another good meal is our toasted cheese sandwiches, we really have a feast. No doubt you would get a kick out of seeing us at it. Toast, cheese or whatever we have, tea, cocoa…it sure is good. It is tough at times to snitch enough bread at meal parades but we usually manage….

I have been really busy since Monday; practically have to be twins to get everything done. The major wanted me to take a signal course for two weeks…. In the mornings I try and get all the work done in the orderly room then in the afternoons I take the course. The course is running radio sets (our communications) and doing Morse [code]. I can do them both OK now but am learning something new and it is rather interesting but it keeps me jumping. I can never get all the orderly room work done in the morning, the result being I have to work at nights….

We have been having lots of fun these past two nights and losing a lot of sleep. The Jerrys have been bombing the last two nights and they have been pretty heavy, the worst I’ve seen. The trouble is they come over about one in the morning and keep us awake until four or so. You see London is where they go and we are right in their path so a lot of fighting goes on right above us. With planes roaring, bombs dropping and guns banging away it is rather hard to get to sleep…. We never go to the trenches because so far they never dropped any too close and besides it’s a lot warmer in bed. We are supposed to go to the trenches but no one does. The closest bomb was about one mile away and it knocked our blackouts down but that is the worst. Guess he must be trying to get even for the pasting he is getting, but he is not doing so good; the defences are too strong. No doubt he will be over again tonight but I am going to try and sleep, he should know by now that it is out of bounds by now.

I hope Jack is all over his ear ache and out again, be sure and let me know how he is.  Have you been out again Mum?  Keep up the good work and don’t overdo it. Orders….

Sgt. Merry is back in England and is coming out this weekend to camp. He will have an artificial leg soon and the Doc told him it was just off at the right length.

The best in the world to the best folks a fellow ever had. Hope to see you soon.

Lots of Love to All,



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