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War of 1812 commemorations continue

The commemoration period for the War of 1812 is not over, despite uninformed media reports to the contrary.

An offshoot of the Napoleonic wars, The War of 1812 started  with the United States declaring war on Great Britain, and ended with signing of the Treaty of Ghent in December 1814.  But news travelled slowly 200 years ago, so the last battle of the war, the Battle of  New Orleans, was fought in January 1815.

Many seminal events are still to be commemorated–the Americans gaining a foothold in Canada with the taking of Fort George in May 1813, then abandoning it in December. In 1814 there’s the Battle of Lundy’s Lane, the siege of Fort Erie, the British burning of Washington, D.C. and the siege of Fort McHenry in the Battle of Baltimore, which inspired writing of the U.S. national anthem.

Parks Canada has an online list of commemorative activities yet to come. The federal government lists its ongoing activities and links to other organizations.  The War of 1812 website lists articles, resources and activities. The website  has an interactive timeline and maps. The War of 1812 bicentennial website offers history, events, lists of museums featuring 1812 exhibits and advice on planning a visit.  And there’s a nine-part documentary available on YouTube.

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