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New memorials in Belgium and France

Today and tomorrow (Oct. 22 and 23) memorials will be unveiled in Belgium and France commemorating participation of the 15th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in two First World War battles.

Today in Ieper (perhaps better recognized as Ypres), Belgium,  the city and the 15th Battalion Memorial project (48th Highlanders of Canada) will unveil and dedicate a memorial to commemorate the Canadian contribution to the counter-attack on Observatory Ridge in June 1915 during the battle for Mount Sorrel.  The Canadians had more than 8,000 casualties in the two-week Battle of Mount Sorrel.

A similar ceremony takes place Sunday in Festubert, France, in commemoration of the battle fought there in May 1915.

Courtesy 15th Battalion C.E.F. Memorial Project (48th Highlanders of Canada)

The 15th Battalion Memorial Project plans to place a series of memorials in locations where the battalion won a number of its 21 battle honours for actions during the First World War.  Memorials have already been dedicated at Gravenstafel Ridge and St. Julien near Ypres and in France at Hendecourt les Cagnicourt.

Read more about the project in The Falcon, the 48th Highlanders newsletter at

Take a virtual tour of the Memorial Chamber in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, which has a paving stone commemorating the Battle of Mount Sorrel; the chamber’s paving stones were collected from battle sites.  A plaque on the east wall lists theatres in which the Canadians fought between 1914 and 1918.

Virtual tour of the Memorial Chamber in the Peace Tower, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

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