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Legion Magazine enjoys hearing from you. We welcome Letters to the Editor, and submissions to the popular Humour Hunt column. You can also place notices in our Unit Reunions column. Material can be sent to us by e-mail at [email protected]. Or it may be sent to 86 Aird Place, Kanata, ON K2L 0A1 or faxed to (613) 591-0146.


The Letters section is a forum for your comments on articles that have appeared in the magazine or on issues of general interest to Legion Magazine readers. The editor reserves the right to select and edit letters for length, clarity, accuracy and taste. When writing to us be sure to include first and last name, and the name of your community. Please include a day-time phone number in case we need to contact you. Letters selected for the magazine will also be candidates for the website. In other words, when you submit to the magazine you are also giving us permission to put the material on our website.

Unit Reunions

Unit Reunions supports efforts to maintain bonds of service. It encompasses army, navy, air force, merchant navy, RCMP and cadets. These notices are particularly time sensitive. We strongly recommend you send us the information at least six months before the event so that the notice can be published far enough in advance to allow individuals time to make plans to attend.

To ensure accuracy, you should type the information, or at least print it clearly, using upper and lower case letters to distinguish proper names and acronyms. Avoid handwriting because legibility problems can lead to errors.

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Writers’ & Photographers Guideline

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