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7 photos of Canada at Dunkirk

Gunners of the 2nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), carrying a battery charge, Dunkirk, France, 1 February 1945.—Library and Archives Canada
Gunners of “X” Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), digging a breech pit for a captured 155mm. gun to be used to fire on Dunkirk. Adinkerke, Belgium, 15 September 1944. —Library and Archives Canada
Gun Crew Firing on Dunkirk. — Library and Archives Canada
Royal Canadian Artillery Shells Dunkirk, France. — Library and Archives Canada
Janine Vilain of Dunkirk and other children enjoying Canadian brown bread and sugar rations, Cassel, France, 21 September 1944. — Library and Archives Canada
An elderly woman with a bicycle pauses for a rest after being evacuated from Dunkirk during a 36-hour truce arranged by British and German troops. Esquelbec, France, 6 October 1944. — Library and Archives Canada
Private R.J. Travis of No.3 Leaflet Unit placing propaganda leaflets into a shell to be fired by Sergeant T. McCormick of the 191 Hearst and Essex Yeomanry Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (R.A.) (British Army), into German-held positions in Dunkirk, France, ca. 15-25 September 1944. — Library and Archives Canada

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