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Supporting A Veteran’s ID Card

Question: I served nine and a half years in the Royal Canadian Air Force/Canadian Armed Forces. I would like to have a convenient identification (ID) card to prove my service but there is not one available to me, only a bulky Certificate of Service. ID cards are available to veterans with 10 years of service. I have taken this up with several ministers of Defence for the past 10 years with no results and seemingly no interest. Is this something the Legion would be interested in pursuing?

Response: Thank you for contacting The Royal Canadian Legion in regards to the service requirements for the NDI 75 Record of Service Card.

As you correctly stated, the NDI 75 is only available to veterans who have 10 years or more service. The Royal Canadian Legion supports the creation of a veteran’s card for all CF veterans and the creation of a veteran’s family card to honour the inherent resilience of families and to pay tribute to the sacrifices of families made in support of Canada.

As you are well aware, it takes time to amend policies but we will continue to advocate for this important issue. Any veteran who has served his or her country voluntarily and has completed Occupation Classification training successfully is highly deserving of being provided a visible recognition of his or her service to Canada in the form of a veteran’s ID card.

For your information, the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) has recently launched a new program called the CFOne Program. Through this program, members of the Canadian Armed Forces community (estimated to be one million strong), including currently serving members and former members, as well as their families, can apply for a CFOne card. This card serves two purposes: it confirms an individual’s eligibility within the Canadian Armed Forces community; and it provides access to morale and welfare programs and services, such as the CF Appreciation Program and CANEX Rewards.

As a former member of the RCAF, you are eligible to apply for a CFOne card. Once registered, you can access the CF R&R Club. This club is a direct link through to the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC), a product of Wyndham Worldwide hotels. The AFVC provides access to more than 3,500 properties in 80 countries around the world. You can join the program today and receive a membership card that confirms your eligibility for discounts. In addition, your membership card will gain you information about additional morale- and welfare-support programs.

The CFOne card is not an identification card and is not intended to replace the Record of Service card, but it will recognize your service in the RCAF and will clearly indicate that you are a veteran.

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