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Advice for veterans living outside Canada

Are you a veteran living outside Canada and in the process of applying to Veterans Affairs Canada for disability benefits?

It is important to know that when you submit a disability application, VAC requires a confirmed diagnosis from a medical professional to accompany your application. The diagnosis is to be included in the medical questionnaire that VAC will send to you for the medical professional to complete.

Are you concerned who will pay for the medical examination to complete the medical questionnaire to obtain a current diagnosis for your application? 

Don’t be concerned. When you apply to VAC for disability benefits or go through The Royal Canadian Legion for assistance, your application package will include a letter for your medical professional advising of the requirements to complete the medical questionnaire. 

The information from VAC will specifically note whether any additional medical evidence is required, such as X-rays, MRIs or an audiogram/tinnitus report. 

The invoice for completing the medical questionnaire and accompanying documents, if applicable, will be paid by VAC for the fees associated with medical exams/assessments supporting your disability application. Note that if a health professional recommends additional testing that VAC did not specifically request (for example, an MRI), VAC will not cover the costs. 

You do not need pre-approval from VAC to have this questionnaire completed, and VAC will not pay in advance. VAC will only pay the invoice when the medical questionnaire is completed and forwarded with your application.

VAC will not pay for ordinary medical visits. The payment authority for VAC is specific to the application for disability benefits. If your disability application is rendered favourable, in future years, VAC will pay for medical information that it requires to reassess whether your condition has worsened.

A reminder for veterans who already have entitlement: you can request a reassessment if you believe your condition has worsened since your last assessment through your My VAC Account or by contacting VAC at

Or contact a Legion Command Service Officer for assistance with your application to VAC by calling 1-613-591-3335 or by e-mail at 


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