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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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These Are The Results For The Week Of July 23 – July 29

Canadian troops participate in a successful raid through the Mericourt trench against enemy dugouts and trench mortar emplacements.

In Cyprus, A fragile ceasefire is negotiated between Turks and Greek Cypriots by the United Nations.

French President Charles de Gaulle arrives in Montreal to mark Canada’s Centennial. His words “Vive le Quebec libre” (Long live free Quebec) infuriate Canadians, but impress those in support of Quebec sovereignty.

Disaster and carnage result when Canadian units try to attack a well-positioned and well-armed and experienced enemy force on Verrières Ridge in Normandy.

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery launches Operation Spring, the first phase of a general southward drive from Caen to Falaise, France.

King Edward VIII unveils the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France. The memorial stands as a testament to Canada’s sacrifice during the First World War. The memorial, much like the battle itself, quickly becomes a symbol of Canadian nationhood.

A ceasefire is declared in the Korean War. The three-year war involves more than 26,000 Canadian Forces personnel of which more than 500 are killed. Deemed a United Nations “police action” and not a war by the Canadian government, recognition for veterans takes nearly 50 years. The ceasefire remains in place to this day.

Canadian forces defeat the enemy at Agira, Sicily.

Thousands line the streets in London to celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

The 23rd Olympic Games open in Los Angeles.


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