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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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On this date: June 2020

1 June 2004

Canadian police and military personnel play significant roles in the UN stabilization mission to Haiti, supporting the transitional government and reforming the national police force.

2 June 2008
Under machine-gun fire in Afghanistan, Master Corporal Brent Gallant uses his body to shield a wounded soldier. He is awarded the Medal of Military Valour.

3 June 1944
Flight Lieutenant R.E. McBride, flying an RCAF Canso aircraft, sinks U-477 with four depth charges.

6 June 1944
About 450 Canadians are among the Allied paratroopers who land behind German coastal defences on D-Day.

8 June 1944
Putot-en-Bessin, France, west of Caen in Normandy, is temporarily lost after an attack on the 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade, then retaken by the Canadian Scottish Regiment.

9 June 1954
The Canadian military Korean War airlift ends, after 599 trans-Pacific trips carrying 3.2 million kilograms of freight and 13,000 personnel.

11 June 1999
A United Nations mission, including 600 Canadians, is established in East Timor to help organize elections, support the new government and establish rule of law.

12 June 1900
The battle ends between Canadian mounted troops and Boers at Diamond Hill in South Africa.

14 June 1915
The first contingent of Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps sails for Europe; by year’s end, they complete a narrow-gauge railway along the Belgian front.

15 June 1993
Canadian peacekeepers leave Cyprus, ending a 29-year mission during which 25,000 served and 28 died.

16-17 June 1940
The 1st Canadian Division is among thousands of Allied troops ordered back to England after attempts to ward off the German invasion of France are deemed fruitless.

19 June 1951
HMCS Cayuga begins the second of three tours to Korea.

23 June 1961
The Antarctic Treaty comes into force. The continent is declared a scientific reserve and military activity is banned.

25 June 1950
The Korean War starts; nearly 27,000 Canadians serve, 1,558 are wounded, 516 die.

26 June 1915
A “strange tranquillity” pervades the Canadian front, says the official history of the First World War.

27 June 1918
Fourteen nursing sisters are among the 234 who die when the Canadian hospital ship HMHS Llandovery Castle is torpedoed by a U-boat.

28 June 1944
RCAF Spitfires down 26 enemy aircraft over Normandy.

29 June 1996
From the Space Shuttle Columbia, Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk talks with students at Maple Grove Education Centre in Nova Scotia.


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