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Mental health benefits now available


Mental health is vital to overall well-being. For that reason, Veterans Affairs Canada recently launched a new Mental Health Benefits initiative. 

As of this past April, Canadian Armed Forces veterans who apply for a disability benefit for certain mental health conditions—as well as those who have already applied and are awaiting a decision—will receive immediate coverage for the support and services they need. This includes veterans living abroad and Class A and B reservists who have not otherwise met the 180-day benefits threshold. Members of both the supplementary and primary reserves, the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service and the Canadian Rangers may also be eligible.

VAC mental health benefits coverage applies to treatment for service-related conditions such as anxiety, depression and disorders related to trauma and stress. It also covers the costs of related treatments, such as prescription drugs and appointments with psychologists, counsellors, social workers or other mental health professionals.

CAF veterans who have applied for support for an eligible mental health condition and are awaiting a decision should have been sent information about this benefit. 

Serving members and veterans can stay up to date on news about VAC services, including the new Mental Health Benefits, with the following links and resources:

My VAC Account:

Salute! newsletter:

VAC Facebook:

VAC Twitter:

Mental Health Benefits FAQs:

If you require assistance in accessing VAC disability benefits or have a friend or family member who needs help, you can find a local command service
officer at Or call 1-877-534-4666 toll free to speak to a service officer. 


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