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Letters From Garnet – France, July 2, 1918

 “…today is my wedding anniversary…”

France, July 2, 1918


Dear Lottie and Walt,

…I just awoke to the fact about an hour ago that this is my wedding anniversary, the second I’ve celebrated away from home. Five years ago today I was kidding myself that I was a happy man, but that’s more than I can do today. But I suppose things might be much worse than they are. The fact that I have a whole skin is quite a lot to be thankful for and possibly by our next anniversary I will be in a better position to celebrate it in Canada.

I was glad to hear you had received those couple of souvenirs I sent. I hope you like yours. They are made from stuff I picked up myself around in the old trenches, etc. There is, on its way now, an ashtray which I made. The best souvenir part of it is the matchbox holder which is made from a piece of German airplane brought down behind our lines. The different parts of that ashtray could tell some good tales if they could speak and I hope to someday tell you more about it.

Well good folks my time is about up. I’ve been writing like a wild person to beat the time out and if you find any words missing just take the meaning for granted.

I trust this finds you all in the best of health and not suffering from the effects of the cooking whilst in Belleville. Hope you enjoyed your visit there.


Best love to all and xxx for Helen.

Yours as ever, Garn X



Selection from the letter collection of Sergeant Dobbs, to his sister Millie and his brother Walter
CWM 20050153-001
George Metcalf Archival Collection
© Canadian War Museum


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