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Letters From Bill – July 12, 1943.

Dear Mum, Dad and Jack:

…In my last letter remember I was saying that I was worried about that box you sent because it didn’t show up. Well I had just put the letter in the mailbox when one of the boys came running up and told me there was a box. It didn’t take me long to get it and ever since my life has been in danger. It was sure a swell treat to eat a good chocolate bar and believe me I sure enjoyed them. I have about five left including the box of chocolates and they will be eaten sparingly. Those cigs came in real handy too; I was down to my last two packages. There have been a number of packages of cigarettes came in but none for me but I have my fingers crossed.  If they don’t come soon I will have to buy limey cigs.

With these socks you sent I have eleven pairs. I just wore out one pair since I’ve been in the Army, not bad eh? I traded those in for a new pair so still am on the top…. I could use some Lux soap and laundry soap. So far they have issued us three soap coupons and believe me the soap they have is terrible. If you get a bubble after rubbing for ten minutes you are lucky….

Well, we had word today that Sicily has been invaded so I guess we are on the other side now. It is good to know we are doing a little instead of waiting and the quicker it is over the quicker we will be back in good old Canada. We get very little news so it may be sometime before we get any more. It was sure good to have an Evening News in my hands again; I read every little thing in them even the church services. I read the piece about us landing over here and believe me we had a laugh. It said bronzed by the sun and the sea breezes and I believe it was one day we had our great coats off. There was only one or two days it was what you would call warm. So Mum, whenever you have a little bit of space and a News with something interesting in it tuck it in and send it along.…

Will write soon again or whenever the chance comes, the best of everything to you all,

Lots of Love,

Pte. Bill

Airmail received July 21, 1943.


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