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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Take the quiz and Win a Trivia Challenge prize pack!

These Are The Results For The Week Of June 25 – July 1

North Korea invades South Korea.

The St. Lawrence Seaway is opened.

The CN Tower opens.

On the Western Front, 1st Canadian Division takes over a 4,000-metre line at Ploegsteert, which the men quickly dub “Plugstreet.”

Yugoslav forces enter Slovenia after the small republic declares independence.

The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip. The assassination helped spark the First World War.

Exactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the Treaty of Versailles is signed in an attempt to ensure peace throughout Europe.

The convoy carrying the assault troops of 1st Canadian Infantry Division leaves the mouth of the Clyde River in England en route to the Mediterranean to take part in Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.

Marathon of Hope runner Terry Fox dies.

Nearly 100 people die in a train wreck at St-Hilaire, Que.

In Halifax, Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh conduct an international fleet review in honour of the Canadian navy’s 100th anniversary.

Shortly after North Korea invades South Korea, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Pacific Division receives orders to sail to the Far East in support of United Nation forces.

The loonie makes its debut.

With Confederation, the Dominion of Canada becomes a nation in its own right with national responsibilities that include defence, even though there are very strong ties to the British Empire. Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald, forms his first cabinet, with his longtime associate, George-Étienne Cartier, appointed as the first minister of militia and defence. Both were to be knighted for their contributions in bringing the nation together.

Opening day of the Battle of the Somme. The Newfoundland Regiment is decimated at Beaumont Hamel, but would survive to fight another day.

The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion of the 15th International Brigade is brought up to full strength and deemed operational for combat in the Spanish Civil War. The battalion would fight with the pro-Republican forces against the fascist forces of Franco.


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