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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Take the quiz and Win a Trivia Challenge prize pack!

2018 Readership Survey: Our readers respond

Every three years, Legion Magazine asks its readers to say what they think. This year, the response was overwhelming, with 4,694 readers replying. Thank you. Your guidance and advice help us improve the magazine.

For example, while there was a lot of support for the “On This Date” column, many of you asked for us to include two months in each issue. We will introduce this in the July/August issue, with expanded versions online.

We offered 10 prizes and this year’s grand-prize winner is John Arlington of Napanee, Ont. “Pretty awesome!” he said when we told him we were sending him an Apple iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 256 GB and Wi-Fi). “I especially enjoy the in-depth articles. They are very informative and broad in their coverage,” Arlington wrote in the comments section. It feels nice to give a little something back to a loyal reader. Nine other prizes have been awarded: an Apple iPad Air One (9.7 inches and 32 GB), two $200 cash prizes, three $100 cash prizes and three $50 cash prizes. The second-prize winner is Paul LeDrew of Aurora, Ont. The $200 winners are John Davis of Nepean, Ont., and Terry Schroder of Dryden, Ont. The $100 winners are Bruce Patterson of Kenora, Ont., Tanya Spencer of Sherwood Park, Alta., and Brock Cooper of Kingston, Ont. The $50 winners are Dwight Dauphinee of Orleans, Ont., Patrick Kelly of Mahone Bay, N.S., and Tom Parker of Salford, Ont.

We asked you to rate subjects, features, columns and sections and once again Remembrance topped the list with a 93.4 per cent approval rating. It was closely followed by coverage of the Second World War at 91 per cent. Rated third are articles on Canadian military history. Stories on modern conflict came in a solid fourth at 88.9 per cent. The “News” section remains popular at 84.4 per cent, but this year it was overtaken by two newcomers: pictorials at 85.5 percent and the “O Canada” column at 84.7 per cent. Other new additions include: “Heroes and villains” at 82.5 per cent, “Front lines” at 80.7 per cent, “Artifacts” at 79.1 per cent. All newcomers rated in the top 50 per cent. We were surprised to see naval history drop from 9th to 16th position. Overall, you gave Legion Magazine an 81.4 per cent approval rating.

We also got to know you, our readers, better. Half of you live in communities of 50,000 people or less. Forty-one per cent are veterans and 75 per cent are male. You are active, with 48 per cent spending leisure time exercising and another 47 per cent taking time for sports events. Sixty-nine per cent love movies and more than 50 per cent go to live performances. Legion Magazine readers love to travel, with 90 per cent planning a trip in the next two years—car and train travel, cruises, all-inclusive vacations, RV/camping and cultural and historic tours were all popular. Eighty per cent of you spend more than an hour reading the magazine and 35 per cent spend more than three hours on our pages.

The survey responses help us improve the magazine’s content, but also help us learn a little about a typical reader’s household so we can attract advertising, which is vital to the economic success of our operation. This additional revenue stream helps keep the subscription price low, at only $9.49 per year.

We were overwhelmed with positive comments and good advice and although a small number were critical, not many of those agreed to let us publish their comments. All and all, the response was very Canadian—kind in public and gently critical in private.

Your insights on Legion Magazine:

The articles in Legion Magazine provide me pride and the honour of declaring myself a proud Canadian! Legion Magazine articles should be incorporated in schools.  – Vittoria Scardaoni, Montreal

I found “Crowfoot’s lament” to be most poignant. It saddens me to know our record of the way we treated—and still are treating—our First Nations. Articles like this make Legion Magazine worth reading. – Reg Carpenter, Bonavista, N.L.

My father served in the Second World War, and would never talk about his experiences, so reading some of the accounts in Legion Magazine gives some insight into what he may have experienced. I find the articles very educational. – Dave Cross, Calgary

I rate your magazine very highly. I would like to see more stories on the Canadian merchant navy. –  Joseph Prim, St. John’s

My dad and his two brothers were D-Day survivors. He and one brother were part of the campaign to Belgium and both returned. My grandson is a warrant officer in the army cadets. I read and pass on my magazine to my grandson, and he passes it on to other cadets. – Naomi S. Ross, Portage la Prairie, Man.

One of my biggest regrets is not subscribing to Legion Magazine much sooner than I did! Front to back the day I receive it. Excellent publication! – Steven Kraft, Saskatoon

Excellent magazine. I read it cover to cover at least twice or three times before I pass it on to others. Lt.-Cmdr. – Sherry Richardson CD, Head of St. Margarets Bay, N.S.

This is an excellent magazine, which I look forward to receiving each issue. – Kip Holloway, Charlottetown

Legion Magazine is the heart and soul of all veterans past and present. Its presentation as a magazine is outstanding for my reading. Keep up the outstanding work. – Reginald J. Irvine, Smiths Falls, Ont.

A disproportionate amount of column space is focused on the army at the expense of the navy, in particular, and the air force. – R.M. Strang, Vancouver

“Snapshots” is my favourite section. Great to see examples of the Legion’s great work. – Jim Meyer, Kitchener, Ont.

Thirteen pages of “Snapshots” is a bit much! – Ray Arsenault, Halifax

Love the stories. Look forward to the magazine coming. Descriptions of the pictures could be in larger print. – Paul Dean, Wicklow, N.B.

I would like more information on services or anything regarding the RCMP. I feel left out. – Bonnie MacLeod, Kamloops, B.C.

I use the “Face to face” articles a lot in my History 12 class—great for seminar/discussion classes! – James Knihniski, Langley, B.C.

I have taken advantage of Legion cruise opportunities [through The Royal Canadian Legion’s Member Benefits Package]. – Murray Scott, Fort Smith, N.W.T.

At one time, I belonged to and received three Legion Magazines (American, British and Canadian). The Canadian Legion Magazine is by far the best in articles and completeness. – Wayne Padgett, Daly City, Calif.

As a “baby-boomer,” I feel that the magazine is a connection to my parents. My dad was with the Belgian Special Air Service, my mom a war bride from England. – Carolyn DeBelser-Mayson, Loon Lake, Sask.

Needs more “Humour hunt”! – Ann Winegardner, Red Deer, Alta.

I am excited when it comes in and I enjoy just about everything in it. I enjoy very much seeing articles regarding Hong Kong because my father died there when I was 18 months old. He is buried there. – Barbara-Ann Sheppard, Holland Landing, Ont.


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