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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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These Are The Results For The Week Of April 22 – April 28

The Germans unleash a new deadly weapon—chlorine gas—at Ypres, Belgium, on the Western Front.

Two frigates, His Majesty’s Canadian ships Swansea and Matane, destroy U-311 while on convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

In Belgium, Canadian infantry dig in after attacking Mauser Ridge west of Kitchener’s Wood near St. Julien.

United Nations forces come under attack in the Kapyong Valley in Korea. 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry is hit hard, but holds onto Hill 677. The PPCLI later receives the U.S. Presidential Unit Citation.

Deadly chlorine gas is released by the Germans into no man’s land opposite the 15th and 8th Canadian battalions. Waves of German infantry follow the cloud. A barrage in the 8th Battalion’s sector reduces the assault. Men from both units suffer the agonizing effects of the chemical weapon.

Escorting convoy JW-66 to Russia, Canadian Tribal-class destroyers Haida, Huron and Iroquois arrive at the Kola Inlet. The convoy of merchant ships had survived the Arctic cold and a gauntlet of enemy subs to deliver war supplies to Russia.

The Royal Canadian Air Force, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy are unified as the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Canadian aircraft carrier Bonaventure docks at Halifax. In the coming months she will be decommissioned.

A fierce gun battle at sea develops when Canadian destroyers HMCS Athabaskan, Haida and Huron intercept three German torpedo boats off the coast of France.  The three ships sink the lead boat, T-29. The other two escape, but are damaged.

For the first time, a United States rocket has landed on the moon.

Expo ’67 opens in Montreal.

Eight hundred additional Canadian soldiers prepare to depart for the Balkans. This comes a month after Canadian CF-18 fighter jets began participating in bombing missions against Serbian targets. The troops will join 12,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organization soldiers already stationed in Macedonia.

Italian dictator Mussolini is captured and killed by Italian partisans.

Through the official Soviet news agency Tass, the Kremlin has acknowledged an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine. This after stations in Sweden, Finland and Norway began reporting sudden discharges of radioactivity.


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