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Education Assistance Needed For The Children Of Wounded Veterans

There are a number of programs funded publicly and privately which provide financial assistance for post-secondary education to the children of fallen veterans who have died while serving their country. However, the same cannot be said for the children of soldiers who are wounded and have catastrophic injuries attributable to service.

The Veterans Affairs Canada Education Assistance program provides financial assistance including tuition fees and accommodation allowance for children of fallen veterans when the veteran’s death is attributable to military service.

Canada Company is a private organization which offers the Canada Company Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to the children of veterans killed on “active duty” for post-secondary education. The amount of each scholarship is $4,000 and is applicable for deaths occurring after 2001.

Project Hero is a program for children of fallen veterans which offers tuition and in some cases, support with room and board in the first year, to children of Canadian Forces personnel who have lost their lives while serving in an active mission. This program is available at a large number of universities and community colleges across Canada.

Canadian Hero Foundation is a youth-based charity originating at the University of Toronto which raises funds to provide post-secondary education for the children of fallen veterans.

There is clearly a gap which should be addressed to assist the children of veterans who have suffered a catastrophic injury. Their need for financial assistance is just as great.

In response to addressing this gap, the Legion’s Dominion Command Service Bureau has been invited to participate as a key stakeholder in an initiative to discuss “Third Party Support to the CF Morale and Welfare Program” organized by the Canadian Forces Director General, Personnel and Family Support Services. The purpose of this group is to identify program gaps and priorities to ensure a fully harmonized and integrated Canadian Forces morale and welfare program.

The Legion continues to make a significant contribution to the care of all veterans of all ages and their families.


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