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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

Take the quiz and Win a Trivia Challenge prize pack!

November 2013

No Link Found Between Illness And Depleted Uranium

There is no strong research linking exposure to depleted uranium to health problems of veterans, yet those problems are real and deserve further research, concludes a report from the House of Commons Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs.

The Search For Henry Cleary

After his promotion to Leading Aircraftman in 1940, Henry Cleary was posted to No. 13 Elementary Flying Training School, St. Eugene, Ont. PHOTO: COURTESY LYNDA

Beyond Words

  Exclusive Audio Version: Driving across the fog-shrouded Lion’s Gate Bridge to West Vancouver on Remembrance Day morning, I heard six high school radio debaters

Métis Bell Resurfaces In Saskatchewan

A bell which had once hung in a small church in the heart of the Northwest Rebellion in Saskatchewan has been returned to the Métis community, after being stolen from a Legion branch in Ontario 22 years ago.

In The Footsteps Of War

As the battle of Normandy ended in the last days of August 1944, the soldiers focused their energies on the pursuit of the German army and the liberation of northern France.

It was left to the war correspondents to make sense of the confused, bloody campaign that had ended so quickly after weeks of apparent stalemate. Newspapers carried stories, the first draft of history that was to constitute the beginning of our collective memory of what had happened and why it happened.

The Night In The Trenches 2013

  Digging The Trench     Settling In For The Night     Warming Up In The Tent     Trench Life  

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