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August 2010

43rd Dominion Convention: The Delegates Decide

Delegates participate in a business session at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. PHOTO: JENNIFER MORSE LEGEND Committee abbreviations: DEF—Defence; P&R—Poppy and Remembrance; R&A—Ritual and Awards; VSS—Veterans,

43rd Dominion Convention: It Happened In Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a long history of hosting Royal Canadian Legion conventions, including (clockwise from top), the first convention in 1927 of what was then called the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League; Dominion President Clare Sparling speaks to delegates at the 20th convention in 1964 who ‘voiced their objections’ to Prime Minster Lester Pearson about replacing the Union Jack with ‘a distinctive Canadian flag;’ more than 5,000 Legionnaires march during the Golden Anniversary dominion convention in 1976; veterans at the 37th dominion convention in 1998 ride antique military vehicles in the parade; delegates and guests crowd the cenotaph at the 30th dominion convention in 1984.

43rd Dominion Convention: Birthplace Of The Legion

On Saturday, June 12th, at just the right moment, the rain stopped on Smith Street. The dignitaries—most wearing blue blazers—filed out from under the awning, and then the sun was distantly there, sending a glow over Winnipeg’s Marlborough Hotel, birthplace of The Royal Canadian Legion.

43rd Dominion Convention: Leading The Team

Dominion president Pat Varga, a Royal Canadian Navy veteran, is a life member at Coleville, Sask., Branch. She has served on Dominion Executive Council since 1997 and on many national committees, including veterans, service and seniors, Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL), youth, leadership and development, poppy and remembrance, public relations and was recently the chairman of the dominion sports committee. She is currently chairman of veterans, services and seniors, RCEL, and the dominion convention committees, as well as vice-chairman of finance/budget, and investment committees and sits as a member of the veterans’ consultation group. She is also a surveyor with the Long-term Care Surveyor Program.

Health File

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Imagine This…

Anyone who’s ever had a food craving knows how it can blot out the rest of the world. You want chocolate. You imagine the glisten on the surface, the crunch as you take a bite, the velvety texture on your tongue, the sweetness, the aroma…soon you can hardly think of anything else.

Arctic Investigations: Air Force, Part 40

A Canso noses up to the eastern Arctic shoreline. PHOTO: ERNIE WEEKS, CANAV BOOKS COLLECTION “It is considered that North West Air Command should examine

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