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June 2010

Health File

Taking Your Mind Off Pain

Struggling with pain? Meditation may help take the edge off.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have discovered that Zen meditation thickens the region of the brain that regulates pain.

“We found a relationship between cortical thickness and pain sensitivity,” says University of Montreal researcher Joshua A. Grant.

For the study, researchers applied a heated plate to the legs of volunteers, half of whom meditated, half who didn’t. There was a difference of about 50 per cent in pain perception between the two. The meditators tolerated more heat before feeling moderate pain.

Lancasters Hit Civvy Street: Air Force, Part 39

Lancaster MN-976 handled various postwar duties. PHOTO: JOHN FREDERICK McNULTY, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA209220 Many Second World War aircraft became object lessons in beating swords

The Sheep Dog Navy: Navy, Part 39

HMCS Arrowhead off Nova Scotia, 1942. PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA136840 Going To War With What You’ve Got American entry into the war in December

Bedlam At The Lamone: Army, Part 88

The original plan for 1st Canadian Corps’ Operation Chuckle, December 1944, called for the capture of Ravenna, situated along the Adriatic coast in northeastern Italy, and an advance beyond the Senio and Santerno rivers to the town of Massa Lombarda. If the Canadians succeeded, their thrust would outflank German positions at Imola and threaten the enemy’s hold on Bologna further to the west. While Ravenna was liberated on Dec. 4, the 1st Canadian Division suffered a serious reversal when a hastily prepared attack across the Lamone River failed, forcing a withdrawal.

On This Date – June 2010

1 JUNE, 1876 The Royal Military College opens at Kingston, Ont. 2 JUNE 1916 The 3rd Canadian Division is mauled by a German attack in

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