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Canadian Military History Trivia Challenge

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The Royal Canadian Legion

Help For Homeless Veterans

A strong and caring commitment of half a million dollars—that’s The Royal Canadian Legion’s initial funding for a program that will help homeless veterans across the country.

“I am extremely proud to announce a national Leave the Streets Behind program,” said Dominion President Pat Varga, who made the announcement during her report to dominion convention in Halifax.

The program’s mission is to reach out to the homeless or near homeless by providing immediate financial assistance and support and to connect veterans to local social and community services to establish a long-term solution.

Front And Centre

59, a life member of the Elmira, Ont., Branch, served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He has over 27 years’ Legion service, was first elected to the branch executive in 1986 and became president of Ontario Command in 2005. He has served on Dominion Executive Council since 1999 and has been a member of many national committees, including public relations, The Royal Canadian Legion governance commission, veterans, services and seniors, membership, as well as chairman of poppy and remembrance.

Halifax 2012: The Legion Marches On

A soft rain of red poppies, roughly 120,000 of them, drifted gently down during the two-minute silence at the opening ceremonies for The Royal Canadian Legion’s 44th Dominion Convention in Halifax, June 10-13. Each fashioned by a Nova Scotia student, most carried the name of a Canadian Forces member, of someone who gave his or her life in the service of Canada, sometimes a member of a student’s own family.

The poppies formed a red carpet in front of the raised platform in the Halifax Metro Centre whereupon the officers and official guests stood to attention in tribute to the fallen. It was a graphic reminder of the more than 116,000 Canadians who have lost their lives in service of their country and the legions of others who suffer after leaving military service. The poppy and what it represents is why Legionnaires were there, why the Legion exists, why the work of convention is important.




1. (VSS)—Urges Veterans Affairs minister to review composition of VRAB and consider appointing former members of the RCMP and CF.

2. (VSS)—Recommends VAC, DND/CF launch a program to ensure reservists and their families are aware of available health programs and services; asks VAC to study the post-service needs and program requirements of reserve force members.

3. (VSS)—Seeks federal tax credit for private employers hiring veterans; recommends an additional tax credit for private firms hiring wounded warriors or their survivors.

4. (VSS)—Urges VAC to create a Veterans ID card and Veterans Family ID card to honour veterans and the inherent resilience of their families, and sacrifices CF families have made in support of Canada.

43rd Dominion Convention: Walking The Path Of Service

Under a clear Prairie sky, with sunlight glinting off the Golden Boy statue atop the Manitoba Legislative Building, more than a thousand Legionnaires marched toward the cenotaph in the city recognized as the birthplace of the Canadian Legion. The men and women making up the sea of blue and grey were in Winnipeg for The Royal Canadian Legion’s 43rd dominion convention, June 12-16, and to celebrate the historic unity that has bettered the lives of veterans and their families.

43rd Dominion Convention: The Delegates Decide

Delegates participate in a business session at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. PHOTO: JENNIFER MORSE LEGEND Committee abbreviations: DEF—Defence; P&R—Poppy and Remembrance; R&A—Ritual and Awards; VSS—Veterans,

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