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Letters From The Bowes Brothers – Dec. 19, 1917 Somewhere in France

Dear Mrs. Bowes,

We are having the coldest weather just now but I am not in the line as I am at a school along with a few more. We have to work very hard but I don’t mind it a bit for change.

Mrs. Bowes, it came as quite a shock to me when I heard of Clifford’s death. It was the last thing I expected would have happened to him. I know how you must feel about it and I wish you would accept my sympathy at this time but rest contented that he died doing his duty. I have not been near the 44th for some months so have not been able to learn any particulars. Boissevain has been hit pretty hard lately and I can’t help but feel it very keenly and also in another way that none but those fellows out here can feel. I always try to forget as quickly as possible but it is a hard thing for friends to do. However, Mrs. Bowes, just try and realize that you are one parent out of thousands who have suffered.

Another Xmas is near and I only wish that peace was as near. This is an awful war but I don’t think it will last many months more. I manage somehow to get through it all and remain in good health.

Remember me to Mr. Bowes and the family, hoping you are all well.

Your sincere friend,

H.F. Ashley

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