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Since 1928, Legion Magazine has honoured those Canadians who have served their country by publishing in print short death notices for Royal Canadian Legion members with military backgrounds, Canadian veterans and Legion members with police service. With the advent of the Internet, we have created as a historical archive for your free use a Last Post database that goes back to 1984. It currently contains over 200,000 names but this number will rise as further entries are published in print and updated with the newest entries throughout the year. We will gradually go back further in time as our resources permit.

All Canadian veterans are eligible for inclusion in the Last Post. Last Post is published as a free service in recognition of those who served their country and to allow readers to learn of the passing of comrades with whom they have served. The database, found at, is reserved for these groups: 1) Canadian citizens and Commonwealth subjects who were ordinary members of The Royal Canadian Legion at the time of death; 2) life members who were previously ordinary members; 3) Canadian veterans who were not Legion members at the time of death.

The database has historical value and can be searched by name, date of death, unit or period of service.

Forms for filling in the information are available at Legion branches. Those submitting notices are urged to be thorough and accurate. Type or print to ensure legibility. Submit notices promptly to ensure timely publication.

As long as the date of death is within the time period of entries on the website (1984 to present), the notice will be added to the database and appear in the printed edition. Notices within a year of the date of death can be submitted by family members, but entries that are more than a year old must come from a Royal Canadian Legion branch.

Last Post Archive
Results 201101 - 201150 of 203053
Last NameRankFirst NameUnitTheatre of OperationsLocationDate DeceasedPublished
WRIGHTPrivateAlbertVeterans Guard of CanadaWorld War I, World War IILindsay, Ontario, CanadaApril 12th, 1985July 1985
WRIGHTSergeantPeteCanadian Scottish RegimentWorld War IIKamloops, British Columbia, CanadaApril 5th, 1985July 1985
WRIGHTJohnWorld War ICalgary, Alberta, CanadaSeptember 8th, 1984May 1985
WRIGHTCorporalDerrick J.Home GuardWorld War IIOntario, CanadaFebruary 27th, 2010September/October 2010
WRIGHTTelegraphistDonald F.Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer ReserveWorld War IINew Brunswick, CanadaDecember 17th, 2009September/October 2010
WRIGHTDorothy B.World War IISaskatchewan, CanadaJanuary 13th, 2010September/October 2010
WRIGHTGordonWorld War IIBritish Columbia, CanadaSeptember 10th, 2009September/October 2010
WRIGHTJohn B.World War IIOntario, CanadaFebruary 18th, 2009September/October 2010
WRIGHTRobertRoyal Canadian RegimentWorld War IIOntario, CanadaApril 2nd, 2010September/October 2010
WRIGHTGordonRoyal 22nd RegimentWorld War II, Korean WarSudbury, Ontario, CanadaAugust 21st, 2010March/April 2011
WRIGHTGordon S.World War IINanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaApril 25th, 2010March/April 2011
WRIGHTPilot OfficerThomas H.Royal Air ForceGanges, British Columbia, CanadaSeptember 6th, 2010March/April 2011
WRIGHTPrivateJamesRegina RiflesWorld War IISaskatchewan, CanadaFebruary 21st, 2009March/April 2011
WRIGHTPrivateOrville C.Hastings and Prince Edward RegimentWorld War IIOntario, CanadaAugust 27th, 2010March/April 2011
WRIGHTJohn W.Royal Canadian Army Service CorpsWorld War IILethbridge, Alberta, CanadaSeptember 30th, 1983January 1984
WRIGHTLeading AircraftmanMervyn FredrickRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIOrillia, Ontario, CanadaOctober 13th, 1983January 1984
WRIGHTNeil A.Royal Canadian Army Service CorpsCampbell River, British Columbia, Canada1982January 1984
WRIGHTPrivateCharles PorthwickRoyal Montreal Regiment, Royal Canadian EngineersWorld War IIOtterburn Park, Quebec, CanadaNovember 6th, 1983February 1984
WRIGHTPrivateAlfred ErnestQueen’s Own Rifles of CanadaWorld War IIToronto, Ontario, CanadaJanuary 18th, 1984May 1984
WRIGHTWarrant Officer 2nd ClassAustin ArgyleRoyal Canadian Corps of SignalsWorld War IICarleton Place, Ontario, CanadaMarch 12th, 1984June 1984
WRIGHTMaster CorporalEdward HoraceRoyal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIComox, British Columbia, CanadaFebruary 25th, 1984June 1984
WRIGHTFlight SergeantFrank E, (Lee)Royal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIOttawa, Ontario, CanadaMarch 6th, 1984June 1984
WRIGHTGeneralWilliam ClarkeWorld War ISaint John, New Brunswick, CanadaApril 1984July 1984
WRIGHTCompany Sergeant MajorEarl ReevesCanadian ArmyWorld War IILindsay, Ontario, CanadaJune 6th, 1984September 1984
WRIGHTPrivateLeonard C.Canadian ArmyWorld War ICollingwood, Ontario, CanadaMarch 1st, 1984September 1984
WRIGHTBudInvermere, British Columbia, CanadaSeptember/October 2011
WRIGHTPrivateGladys L.Canadian Women’s Army CorpsWorld War IIOntario, CanadaApril 30th, 2011September/October 2011
WRIGHTHarris F.Lake Superior RegimentThunder Bay, Ontario, CanadaFebruary 28th, 2011September/October 2011
WRIGHTFlight SergeantHerbert (Bart)Royal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIOshawa, Ontario, CanadaMarch 23rd, 2011September/October 2011
WRIGHTA. KeithRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIBritish Columbia, CanadaAugust 7th, 2010September/October 2011
WRIGHTMaster CorporalWilburRoyal Canadian Army Medical CorpsBritish Columbia, CanadaApril 4th, 2011September/October 2011
WRIGHTWilliam W.Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light InfantryPerth, Ontario, CanadaMay 14th, 2011September/October 2011
WRIGHTFrancis A.Royal Canadian Army Service CorpsKorean WarTruro, Nova Scotia, CanadaJuly 4th, 2011March/April 2012
WRIGHTLenard G.Ontario, CanadaJuly 8th, 2011March/April 2012
WRIGHTLloydCanadian ArmyKorean WarManotick, Ontario, CanadaOctober 29th, 2011March/April 2012
WRIGHTFlight SergeantNelson J.Royal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IISaskatchewan, CanadaJune 27th, 2011March/April 2012
WRIGHTPrivateRobert A.Royal Army Service CorpsWorld War IIOntario, CanadaAugust 15th, 2011March/April 2012
WRIGHTMaster CorporalStanley E.Royal Canadian Air ForceOntario, CanadaJanuary 26th, 2013November/December 2013
WRIGHTPrivateDennis A.World War IIGeorgetown, Ontario, CanadaMarch 19th, 2013November/December 2013
WRIGHTCoderGordonNavyWorld War IIEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaMarch 15th, 2013November/December 2013
WRIGHTJames M.Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical EngineersWorld War IINorthbrook, Ontario, CanadaApril 21st, 2013November/December 2013
WRIGHTAble SeamanAustin H.Royal Canadian NavyWorld War IICreston, British Columbia, CanadaJuly 24th, 2011September/October 2012
WRIGHTGunnerJohn B.Canadian ArmyKorean WarOakville, Ontario, CanadaMay 26th, 2011September/October 2012
WRIGHTCecil L.Cambridge, Ontario, CanadaJuly 29th, 2013March/April 2014
WRIGHTRobert E.Royal Canadian Air ForceLantzville, British Columbia, CanadaNovember 13th, 2013March/April 2014
WRIGHTPetty OfficerElgarNavyWorld War IIThunder Bay, Ontario, CanadaOctober 24th, 2013March/April 2014
WRIGHTCorporalRichard F.Saskatoon Light InfantryWorld War II, Korean WarBrandon, Manitoba, CanadaJanuary 5th, 2014September/October 2014
WRIGHTPrivateJoseph S.Royal Canadian Army Service CorpsWorld War IIWindsor, Nova Scotia, CanadaJanuary 23rd, 2014September/October 2014
WRIGHTSergeantCarlRoyal Canadian NavyMidland, Ontario, CanadaJanuary 19th, 2014September/October 2014
WRIGHTGunnerEdwarde S.Royal Canadian ArtilleryWorld War IIWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaJanuary 11th, 2014September/October 2014
Results 201101 - 201150 of 203053

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