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Since 1928, Legion Magazine has honoured those Canadians who have served their country by publishing in print short death notices for Royal Canadian Legion members with military backgrounds, Canadian war veterans and Legion members with police service. With the advent of the Internet, we have created as a historical archive for your free use a Last Post database that goes back to January 1985. It currently contains 195,473 names, but this number will rise as further entries are published in print and added to the collection twice a year. We will gradually go back further in time as our resources permit.

Last Post Archive
Results 195051 - 195100 of 195473
Last NameRankFirst NameUnitPeriod of ServiceLocationDate DeceasedPublished
ZARODAStoker 1st ClassMichaelRoyal Canadian Naval Volunteer ReserveSt. Catharines, Ontario, CanadaOctober 21st, 1999March/April 2000
ZARONGunnerSamuelRoyal Canadian ArtilleryWorld War IIWainwright, Alberta, CanadaJanuary 26th, 1991June 1991
ZAROSKIPrivateAliceCanadian Women’s Army CorpsWorld War IIManitoba, CanadaAugust 17th, 2005March/April 2006
ZAROWNYPeterPolish ArmyWorld War IIOctober 30th, 2002November/December 2003
ZAROWNYSignalmanTedRoyal Canadian Corps of SignalsKorean WarAlberta, CanadaJuly 1st, 2006November/December 2007
ZARSKYAircraftman 2nd ClassOrestRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaFebruary 11th, 2009September/October 2009
ZARTPrivateJohnCanadian ArmyMission, British Columbia, CanadaMay 1991October 1991
ZARUDENECWarrant OfficerJohnWorld War IIOntario, CanadaJune 14th, 2001November/December 2001
ZARUMAStanley J.First Special Service ForceWorld War IIOctober 22nd, 2002March/April 2003
ZARWNYPrivateSteveCanadian ArmyWorld War IIManitoba, CanadaDecember 25th, 2004November/December 2005
ZASBURGJohn CCanadian ArmyWorld War IINanaimo, British Columbia, CanadaSeptember 1989
ZASITKOPrivateAnneBritish ArmyEriksdale, Manitoba, CanadaApril 5th, 2013March/April 2014
ZASLAVSKYLevRussian ArmyWorld War IIWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaDecember 25th, 2005November/December 2006
ZASLOWSKYLieutenantWilliamRoyal Canadian NavyKorean WarBrossard, Quebec, CanadaFebruary 15th, 2017November 2017
ZATKOTonyCalgary HighlandersWorld War IILethbridge, Alberta, CanadaDecember 8th, 2008March/April 2010
ZATURSKIPrivateJohn H.Queen's York RangersWorld War IIWelland, Ontario, CanadaJune 13th, 1999March/April 2000
ZATYLNYPrivateSteveRoyal Winnipeg RiflesWorld War IIMinnedosa, Manitoba, CanadaJanuary 31st, 1995May 1995
ZAVERGANIETZWilliamRoyal Canadian DragoonsSurrey, British Columbia, CanadaNovember 1996March/April 1997
ZAVISLAKELance-CorporalCase M.Canadian ArmyWorld War IISaskatchewan, CanadaDecember 13th, 1988April 1989
ZAVITZRoy E.Canadian Infantry Corps, Royal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIOntario, CanadaNovember 18th, 1997March/April 1998
ZAVITZLance-CorporalBruceCanadian ArmyWorld War IIIngersoll, Ontario, CanadaMarch 1995August 1995
ZAVITZAllanRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIRichmond Hill, Ontario, CanadaJune 1989March 1990
ZAVLIARISNickCanadian ArmyWorld War IIMontreal, Quebec, CanadaOctober 10th, 2011September/October 2011
ZAWADAAble SeamanGarry WayneRoyal Canadian NavyDauphin, Manitoba, CanadaDecember 31st, 1987May 1988
ZAWADINSKYFredPolish ArmyWorld War IIOntario, CanadaJanuary 28th, 2010September/October 2010
ZAWADZKIMikePolish ArmyWorld War IIKitchener, Ontario, CanadaApril 10th, 1993July/August 1993
ZAWALYKUTPrivateNickCanadian ArmyEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaJune 3rd, 1999September/October 1999
ZAWERUCHAMichaelRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIToronto, Ontario, CanadaJune 6th, 1990November 1990
ZAWISLAKPrivateMartinRoyal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Infantry CorpsWorld War IIWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaJanuary 5th, 1992April 1992
ZAWITKOSKITedRoyal Canadian NavyWorld War IIJuly 23rd, 2002November/December 2002
ZAYCHKOWSKILeading AircraftmanMichaelRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IISaskatchewan, CanadaMarch 20th, 2006May/June 2007
ZAYCHUCKCaptainAnthonyRussian ArmyCoalhurst, Alberta, CanadaApril 7th, 1985July 1985
ZAYCHUKGunnerPeterWorld War IIEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaJuly 16th, 1995November/December 1995
ZAYEZIERSKIWalterCanadian ArmyFort McMurray, Alberta, CanadaApril 19th, 1990July/August 1990
ZAYNEHerbert L.Royal Air ForceWorld War IIOntario, CanadaJuly 29th, 1999March/April 2000
ZAZELENCHUKWilliamRoyal Canadian Air ForceWorld War IIKyle, Saskatchewan, CanadaMarch 23rd, 1988June 1988
ZAZULAPrivateAlexanderCanadian Infantry CorpsWorld War IIThunder Bay, Ontario, CanadaSeptember 8th, 1985Web Only
ZBITNEWLeading AircraftmanOnizimRoyal Canadian Air ForceVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaMay 25th, 1997March/April 1999
ZBITNEWD.R.Royal Canadian NavyAbbotsford, British Columbia, CanadaJanuary 18th, 2005November/December 2005
ZBOROWSKIZ.Pembroke, Ontario, CanadaDecember 30th, 1983June 1984
ZBRODOFFStaff SergeantNickRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceLethbridge, Alberta, CanadaMarch 12th, 2007November/December 2007
ZBROGPrivateEdwardWorld War IIWinnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaJune 13th, 2014May/June 2015
ZDANPrivateStanleyWorld War IIKelwood, Manitoba, CanadaAugust 8th, 1988December 1988/January 1989
ZDANCEWICZPrivateJozefPolish ArmyWorld War IISaskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaJanuary 5th, 1998September/October 1998
ZDANCEWICZCorporalEdmundPolish ArmyWorld War IIToronto, Ontario, CanadaSeptember 2nd, 1993December 1993/January 1994
ZDEBIAKPrivateTonyWinnipeg GrenadiersWorld War IIPort Alberni, British Columbia, CanadaJanuary 2nd, 1998September/October 1998
ZDEBIAKShipwright 2nd ClassWalterRoyal Canadian Naval Volunteer ReserveWorld War IIVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaMay 21st, 1996September 1996
ZDEPWalterRoyal Canadian Army Service CorpsWorld War IIOntario, CanadaMay 5th, 2005November/December 2005
ZDONEKPrivateWalterPolish ArmyWorld War IKingsville, Ontario, CanadaAugust 19th, 1990November 1990
ZDUNICHPrivateMarkoRoyal Canadian EngineersWorld War IIEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaNovember 1st, 1999March/April 2000
Results 195051 - 195100 of 195473

Last Post is published as a free service in recognition of those who served their country and to allow readers to learn of the passing of comrades with whom they have served. The database, found at, is reserved for these groups: 1) Canadian citizens and Commonwealth subjects who were ordinary members of The Royal Canadian Legion at the time of death; 2) life members who were previously ordinary members; 3) Canadian war veterans of WW II, Korean War, Gulf War and Afghanistan War who were not Legion members at the time of death.

The database has historical value and can be searched by name, date of death, unit or period of service.

Forms for filling in the information are available at Legion branches. Those submitting notices are urged to be thorough and accurate. Type or print to ensure legibility. Submit notices promptly to ensure timely publication.

As long as the date of death is within the time period of entries on the website (1985 to present), the notice will be added to the database and appear in the printed edition. Notices within a year of the date of death can be submitted by family members, but entries that are more than a year old must come from a Royal Canadian Legion branch.

Copyright: Reproduction or re-creation of the Legion Magazine Site Last Post database, in whole or in part in any form or media, is strictly forbidden and is a violation of copyright, which resides with Canvet Publications Ltd., the magazine's publisher.

Legion Magazine owes a special thank you to our volunteers Del McCreight, Ralph Schultz, William Gagne, Maj. Steven Blake and Sheila Johnston who are helping us process entries for this database.


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