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Some came home

Fewer than 100 Canadians who died while serving in the world wars were repatriated for burial Until the horrific explosion and fire in HMCS Kootenay

Online monument

The Faces to Graves project is collecting stories and photographs of nearly 6,000 Canadian soldiers buried in Dutch cemeteries For three quarters of a century, people

A small sombre service

Remembrance Day 2020 in Ottawa was different but no less poignant The wreaths were almost all placed beforehand, 379 of them neatly lined up in

Shipping out

No matter what era, the moment when a soldier ships out is laden with bittersweet emotion—excitement, uncertainty, pride and trepidation For soldiers and those they

Service & Devotion

My father, Harry Culley, never talked much about the war, I think because he felt he got off easy compared to many others. He seemed

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Anne Frank’s first entry into that famous diary came on her 13th birthday in June 1942.   “I hope I shall be able to confide

45th Dominion Convention

Tightening The Belt   The need to increase membership and curb spending are key components of a six-point action plan announced by newly elected Dominion

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