Survivors in turmoil

Six years of war in continental Europe was drawing to a close but for many, if not most, victory was bittersweet—and defeat was devastating. Up to 40 million people in Europe were dead, the vast majority of them non-combatants, and as many as 11 million refugees wandered the wasted landscape. Entire cities were in ruin,...
  • Malta. ILLUSTRATION: JENNIFER MORSE Malta cares for veterans. So does the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) whose mandate is to provide a meal a day to the thousands of elderly veterans who go hungry across the commonwealth. The Mediterranean island is also unwavering in her bravery. So much so...
  • Gesture of Farewell

    January 7, 2012 by Tom MacGregor
    There was a moment in the Memorial Chamber when Patty Braun seemed to lose her composure. There, on Parliament Hill, in the chamber devoted to Canada’s war dead, she looked into the Seventh Book of Remembrance where she could see her son’s name, “Corporal Braun,...
  • Letters From Private Bill

    September 1, 2011 by Jennifer Morse
    . PHOTO: METROPOLIS STUDIO Private Bill Cameron could not know that enlisting in the Second World War would end with him shot through the back and left face down in the mud in France. He was just one of so many Canadian boys who volunteered...
  • They Live In Memory

    January 1, 2011 by Sharon Adams
    For the first time, Canadians commemorated Remembrance Day without a Canadian First World War veteran. With the passing of John Babcock, Canada’s last surviving soldier of the Great War, so passed the live memories of those who served in uniform during that time. Yet Canadians...
  • Learning What War Was: An Island Remembrance

    January 1, 2011 by Tom MacGregor
    Veterans form up in front of the cenotaph. PHOTO: TOM MacGREGOR Growing up in Sutton, England, a young Joyce Paynter heard people talking about the chance of war, but didn’t think it would happen. Then one day, I was coming home from school and the...
  • In mid-April 1945, 18-year-old North Shore (N.B.) Regiment Private Stewart MacDonald sheltered under a bridge near the rail station in Zutphen, the Netherlands. He was chest-deep in the Ijssel River, waiting for a lethal rain of shrapnel to stop. Across the river, townspeople, including 17-year-old...

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