Study Time In Italy

photos by Mac Johnston It is a world far removed in time and place from the Canadian consciousness. The setting is both medieval and Mediterranean. Though hilltop towns have dominated the landscape for centuries, newer construction blends well with the old and there is a timelessness about it. The towns have names such as Valguarnera, Assoro, Pontecorvo and Tomba Di Pesaro. Then, too, there are features such as the Moro River, Mount Marrone, Point 111 and Coriano Ridge. While these names are not familiar to most Canadians, they have a legitimate place in Canadian military history. This is the Italian Campaign of 1943-45. In this the 60th anniversary of the invasion of Sicily on July 10 and the Italian mainland on Sept. 3, 1943, the Canadian Battle of Normandy Founda...

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