What would you do?

I take a breath, scoot to the edge of my seat—ready to exit the van and eager to investigate our next stop. I walk along Ruytershoveweg Road toward a tall white wall, set back from the street and seemingly out of place among the trees that surround it. The beautiful clean lines and balanced...
  • Facing The Fallen

    September 15, 2009 by Legion Magazine
    Blair Moro places a plaque at the grave of Addy Smith. PHOTO: JENNIFER MORSE In June, Blair Moro, 16, of Surrey, B.C., and Solange Saulnier, 17, of Haut-Rivière-du-Portage, N.B., represented the youth of Canada on the Veterans Affairs Canada pilgrimage marking the 65th anniversary of...
  • Into Ortona Then And Now

    March 2, 2009 by Dan Black
    More than 1,200 students march from the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery to Ortona with their Hands Across The Generations Flag. PHOTO: DAN BLACK Early morning, Nov. 25, 2008: One by one the large tour buses stop in the tight laneway running parallel to the...
  • A Journey Of Learning

    January 8, 2009 by Sharon Adams
    Students look out from the Newfoundland memorial over the battlefield at Beaumont-Hamel. PHOTO: SHARON ADAMS Of all the expressions known to humankind, nothing captures the essence of remembrance more than a prolonged period of silence. When the First World War ended 90 years ago on...
  • Korea: Tension And Remembrance

    November 15, 2008 by Tom MacGregor
    Aboriginal and Métis veterans representatives join in a sunrise ceremony at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery. PHOTO: TOM MACGREGOR The shooting this summer of a South Korean tourist cast an uncomfortable shadow over the Veterans Affairs Canada delegation that had come to Seoul to mark...
  • The Remembrance Odyssey

    November 6, 2007 by Tom MacGregor
    PHOTOS: TOM MacGREGOR Clockwise from left: Daniel Hiscock stands under the Vimy Memorial; the delegation at Vimy; an etching of John McCrae’s headstone. It was the sound of applause that struck members of the 2007 Royal Canadian Legion Youth Leaders’ Pilgrimage of Remembrance when they...
  • Their Soldiers

    July 1, 2007 by Dan Black
    Clockwise from top: Students from across Canada remember the fallen while standing behind headstones in Canadian Cemetery No. 2 on Vimy Ridge; Patrick Baird displays his Vimy anniversary commemorative medal and green replica WW I tunic; Robbie Hart with his bandana prior to the ceremonies;...
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