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Membership Has Its Advantages

by Rhonda Lee Stephenson For six months in 1989, beginning in May and ending in October, I was retained by Club Med International to perform

Scouting On The Afghan Frontier

by Leonard Richards Christmas Day, 1944. A mud-block fort in the Tochi Valley of North Waziristan, a few miles from Afghanistan’s southern border, on the

Back To Dieppe

Story and photographs by Tom MacGregor Clockwise from top left: Dominion President Allan Parks views the deadly beaches; people of all ages turn out to

Horror Beyond Dieppe

by Robert Waddy   On Sept. 1, 1939–at the age of 18–I went to a party at a pharmacist’s home in North Vancouver. The pharmacist

The Airman From The Crash

by John Lewis   One of my favourite pastimes during World War II was riding my bicycle out to the Royal Air Force base situated

In Her Majesty’s Service

by Rosalee van Stelten   It began in Winnipeg during the Great Flood of 1950. My schoolmates were stacking sandbags to keep back the swiftly

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