Letters to Mom

During the Second World War, 21-year-old Allan Coburn was one of a million young men and women whose sense of duty and hankering for adventure drew them to serve in the Canadian Army. He was “the second son of a farmer, with no passion for farming,” said his son Douglas Coburn of Winnipeg. “So,...
  • Walking Through History

    November 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    Photographs by Marc Fowler of Metropolis Studio There is nothing like being there–among the rows of white headstones–to realize why it is so important to remember Canada’s wartime sacrifices. You can read about it and hear about it, but it is hard to appreciate what...
  • Pilgrimage To The Pyrénées

    November 1, 1999 by Mac Johnston
    In an isolated spot high in the French Pyrénées, a group of 30-odd pilgrims from Chatham, Ont., gathered in July to honour one of their own lost in WW II. To pull back the shroud of time that has enveloped Pilot Officer Leslie Arthur Peers,...
  • Canada’s D-Day Legacy

    September 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    by Bill Fairbairn “The happy part is remembering that after Normandy we advanced to victory.” So said Ken Sloggett in June, near the end of a 12-day pilgrimage marking the 55th anniversary of D-Day. The tour organized by Veterans Affairs Canada took 60 Canadian veterans...
  • Tour De Force

    March 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    by Mac Johnston The many faces of our world never cease to amaze. Imagine that you’re in the Middle East in December with a troupe to entertain Canadian peacekeepers. In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, your bus approaches North Camp at El Gorah. The entrance is like...
  • Solemn Moments In Mons

    January 1, 1999 by Legion Magazine
    by Ray Dick “I was in a trench on the outskirts of Mons when the firing stopped,” said Fred Evans, a 101-year-old WW I veteran from Summerville, N.B., while gazing out over the now-peaceful Belgian countryside he hadn’t seen for 80 years. Evans was part...
  • Korea: A Landscape Of Wartime Memories

    January 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    At first glance, South Korea looks like a landscape artist’s paradise. There are tree-covered hills rising in every direction and cities teeming with people. There are also war cemeteries decorated with bonsai trees that look like swirls of soft ice cream. It’s hard to square...

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