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New partner offers car and home insurance

Royal Canadian Legion members and their families can benefit from an exclusive discount on home and car insurance from the Legion’s newest partner in the

A new voice for veterans

The Legionary debuted on May 15, 1926, establishing a publishing tradition that has tracked the successes and challenges facing Canada’s veterans—and kept readers informed through war and

A different day

Remembrance Day looks different this year, but it is no less meaningful. Pandemic restrictions have had an enormous impact on The Royal Canadian Legion nationwide.

A sacred place

It has been 20 years since an unknown soldier who died in the fighting at Vimy Ridge in France during the First World War was

Weathering the storm

“Within the Legion, I have witnessed and learned of countless heartfelt initiatives to help our veterans and communities weather this storm.” With those words, Tom

Cutting through the paperwork

Speaking to representatives of veterans’ groups in November, Veterans Ombudsman Craig Dalton admitted his office has had a low profile since his appointment in November

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The U.S. invasion of Grenada

The United States invaded Grenada in 1983, its first military action since the Vietnam War. Canada opposed the act alongside the majority of the United

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