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Eternal poppy

The bleak, muddy terrain of Western Europe during the First World War was trenched, scarred, bombed and cratered into oblivion. Tides of battle flowed back

Pick up the pace

The backlog of benefit applications at Veterans Affairs Canada is beyond exasperating. Despite good intentions, despite throwing more money and additional people at the problem, the backlog

The key is adaptability

Kudos are in order. For the past 16 months—the COVID era—The Royal Canadian Legion has made every effort to prevent interruption to the services it

Zero homeless?

London, Ont., recently declared it has functionally eradicated veteran homelessness within its city limits.  “Functional zero veteran homelessness” is a status designated by the Canadian Alliance

Sombre coverage

The Legionary cover headline in September 1939 was sombre—Canada at War—and the words ‘The Fighting Man’s Magazine’ were added to the masthead.   The magazine’s

Honouring centenarians

Never before have so many Canadians reached the grand old age of 100, and their compatriots are noticing. Among the last of “The Greatest Generation,” many are

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Afghanistan veteran recounts brutal battle

The last thing Corporal Sean Teal said to Warrant Officer Rick Nolan was: “Do you want a Life Saver?” Before Nolan could reply, a rocket-propelled

The seizing of Europe’s bells

The bells that rang out across allied nations after the First World War ended what for many had been a four-year silence enforced by regulation

The Life [And Death] Of Erin Doyle

Master Corporal Erin Doyle on patrol near Haji Beach, Afghanistan, in April 2008. PHOTO: ADAM DAY Exclusive Audio Edition: “He died pulling the trigger. He

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