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Raid reviews

Having spent some time in Dieppe in 2018 as part of a Second World War self-guided tour, I found Legion Magazine’s coverage (“To the men

Preserving pensions

It all came as a shock to Ardith Bennett, who gave up her own health plan and opted for her husband’s after they married. Dan,

Eternal poppy

The bleak, muddy terrain of Western Europe during the First World War was trenched, scarred, bombed and cratered into oblivion. Tides of battle flowed back

Pick up the pace

The backlog of benefit applications at Veterans Affairs Canada is beyond exasperating. Despite good intentions, despite throwing more money and additional people at the problem, the backlog

The key is adaptability

Kudos are in order. For the past 16 months—the COVID era—The Royal Canadian Legion has made every effort to prevent interruption to the services it

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