Using nano technology to heal wounds

For more than 150 years, troops have known the abbreviation TNT has stood for an explosive that can wound and kill. In the future, they may instead recognize it as something that can heal wounds, save limbs and regenerate injured brains. Researchers at Ohio State University are ready to begin human trials of a...
  • Access To Medical Records

    September 1, 2005 by Laura Byrne Paquet
    PHOTO: METROPOLIS STUDIO Your insurance company wants to know if you’ve ever had jaundice. Your children want information about a blood disease that runs in your family. You want to find out if you’ve ever been prescribed a medication that’s now making headlines for long-term...
  • MRI: A Picture Of A Problem

    May 1, 2005 by Natalie Salat
    PHOTO: SIEMENS PRESS PICTURE An MRI scan is used to examine internal organs. They look like something out of Star Trek, massive doughnut-shaped contraptions that swallow you up, scan your body and churn out detailed images of what’s going on inside. They can show the...
  • Trying To Keep The Blood Flowing

    March 1, 2005 by Natalie Salat
    ILLUSTRATION: BARBARA SPURLL Ron Morrow is sitting in a red leather armchair, looking pretty relaxed for someone who has a needle and long, thin tube coming out of his right arm. One unit—450 millilitres—of his blood is making its way into a plastic bag at...
  • Needle-Free Injections

    January 1, 2005 by Natalie Salat
    It may seem like something out of Star Trek, but doctors at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology are well on their way to developing painless, needle-free injections. Instead of relying on the standard hypodermic needle to deliver medication or extract body fluids,...

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