Exercise eases traumatic brain injury

It may be small, but a study of military traumatic brain injury (TBI) and exercise will produce one piece of a puzzle whose long-term effects we have only begun to understand. University of Ottawa researchers are searching for how best to treat the enigmatic injury. As of mid-July, they were looking for four pairs of subjects: Ottawa-area...
  • Doctors In The Ranks

    October 24, 2008 by Sharon Adams
    Lieut. Iain Beck of Ottawa, a doctor on deployment in Afghanistan, gives medicine to a child. PHOTO: CPL. ROBIN MUGRIDGE, TASK FORCE AFGHANISTAN, ROTO 1 IMAGERY TECHNICIAN Why would a well-respected surgeon from a prestigious Canadian university decide, in his early 50s, to enlist in...
  • Battle-Tested Medicine

    July 28, 2008 by Sharon Adams
    Wounded Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan await helicopter evacuation. PHOTO: CPL. ROBIN MUGRIDGE Dr. Allan Hawryluk was dreading the difficult hours ahead—his patient was on blood thinners, and bleeding uncontrollably following a tooth extraction. The Mississauga dentist knew it could be hours before the bleeding was...
  • Thinking Bionics

    May 27, 2008 by Sharon Adams
    Left: Wildfire ranger Robert Anderson. Right: Jesse Sullivan demonstrates a prototype prosthetic. PHOTOS: ROBERT ANDERSON; REHABILITATION INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO Robert Anderson dreams of the day he can once again look at a pencil and pick it up with his left hand, something he has not...
  • The Sun Also Heals

    March 1, 2008 by Sharon Adams
    – ILLUSTRATION: ©Margaret Lee/www.i2iart.com Ancient Greeks used to pray to Apollo, the sun god, to stop epidemics and cure diseases. Turns out they weren’t far wrong: sunlight is vital to human health, as modern Canadians have learned to our cost. For a whole generation—on doctors’...
  • A Shot of Prevention

    January 1, 2008 by Sharon Adams
    Flu Shot Scott Page January can be the cruellest month north of the 49th parallel; it is the height of the flu season, during which up to one in four Canadians will get sick. Influenza and resulting bacterial infections kill roughly 6,700 Canadians each year...
  • Pets Liven Up New Veterans Residence

    November 6, 2007 by Tom MacGregor
    PHOTO: TOM MacGREGOR Staff and residents of the Kipnes Centre enjoy visiting Ramsay, one of two trained miniature ponies at the centre. Veterans in the new Dianne and Irving Kipnes Centre for Veterans in Edmonton may have trouble explaining to their families that there is...
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