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Medical care in the wars of the future

The challenges of battlefield medicine are about to change for Western allied nations, now that the focus of threats has migrated to China, Russia, Iran and North

The pandemic’s toll on veterans

Loneliness, isolation and interruptions in health-care services due to the COVID-19 pandemic have all contributed to a mental health toll on veterans.    In the

Collateral benefits from COVID research

Medical breakthroughs are a sad irony of great wars, no less the war on COVID-19. Humanity will be better prepared to deal with the threat. Hundreds

Time heals

Whether buying time or giving it time, the clock and calendar measure the success of military medics and physicians. Medics feverishly work against the clock

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Boarding parties in the Persian Gulf

Canadian sailors had limited to no experience in boarding potentially hostile ships at sea when they embarked on their mission to the Persian Gulf in

Afghanistan veteran recounts brutal battle

The last thing Corporal Sean Teal said to Warrant Officer Rick Nolan was: “Do you want a Life Saver?” Before Nolan could reply, a rocket-propelled

The seizing of Europe’s bells

The bells that rang out across allied nations after the First World War ended what for many had been a four-year silence enforced by regulation

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